Monday, February 25, 2008

good start

I decided to start the week off right:
I ordered my Grandpa's 80th Birthday Surprise photo book last night - check - already done.
I made poppy seed pancakes for brunch - yes, they would have been fluffier with milk, not soy - yes, I was 120% full by pancake number three, with two more on the skillet and a ton of mix left - I hate wasting food, but it wasn't going to happen.
I uploaded 6 necklaces to my etsy shoppe - be sure to check them out and buy what you like and/or tell your friends! [She also slightly lowered the prices for her hair pins!]

We had a fun weekend. Mostly chill, which was nice after a hectic week.

Friday night, we went on a movie and ice cream date. We saw Be Kind Rewind and loved it. David is already coming up with ideas for Sweded films.

Saturday, we ran some errands and vegged out a bit. That night, I went to a bachelorette/lingerie shower for Rachel. I had a really great time. We went to Samurai Blue in Ybor for dinner. I realized I really like edamame and plan to figure out where to buy the pods (couldn't find them at Publix) so I don't have to buy the $5 tiny package in the organic section. We went to Tara's afterwards for lingerie, cookies, strawberries, and probably too much telling of married life stories - I laughed a lot.

David went on a man date with Kylie. They went to dinner and to see Vantage Point. He said I'm not missing anything and that the crowd was obnoxious.

It was really weird leaving David at home and leaving to go out for the night.

Sunday, we went to Relevant. Yes, the Relevant Church that has been all over the news lately. We're doing a series called the "30 Day Sex Challenge". It has gained tons of buzz, which is awesome and is stretching our church leaders thin. But they're doing a really good job. We're proud of them. We enjoyed the sermon and plan to watch the one we missed while in Jackson soon. That afternoon, we filled out these "emotional needs" forms that go along with the series. And we had a really good time doing it. We really love our relationship. ;)

That night, we watched Almost Famous. David never saw it and it had been a long while since I watched it. Great movie. We want to be rock stars for a week.

Lots more to do to get the week started off right.

Much love!

PS: Marketa and Glen from Once won an Oscar and I'm so proud of them!
You can view their acceptance here (it'll make you smile) and their performance here.

PPS: Did you hear about Pakistan messing up YouTube yesterday? Crazies! They'll never take away our free speech, stupid crazy people.

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Emily said...

The Edamame beans are in the"organic" vegetable section. They're usually way up on the top shelf. I didn't think my Publix carried them either, they do. I heard about the 30 day sex challenge. Everybody's talking about it.

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