Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part 1

We're back from our trip to Grandpa's 80th birthday surprises! Here's a quick trip overview:
- drove up to TLH Wednesday night
- worked at Kallie's dad's office Thursday
- dropped off Tim and Diana's wedding package on Valentine's Day; chatted a bit, but didn't stay around long so they could look at the photos
- drove to Jackson, MS, Friday morning
- showed up at Bonefish, where Grandpa was expecting friends to come for a monthly dinner; instead, it was his three daughters from Florida, Montana, and California, whom haven't been all together with him in years and years. Kallie took photos.
- wasted time Saturday morning before helping decorate and blow up balloons for Grandpa's second surprise - a party with his closest friends from Jackson and the family. He was so surprised, he didn't look down to step up at the front door and almost fell. Kallie took photos the whole time (she's working on making a book!)
- went out to eat at Cock of the Walk with the family for dinner: fried catfish, fried french fries, fried hush puppies, fried onion rings, and sweet tea. That's right.
- drove to Tallahassee Sunday. Ate salads for dinner.
- drove to Gainesville for several hours: lunch at Leonardo's and then chatting at Stoneridge, like the good ole days. Ben gave us his wedding gift a year late, hehe: a fantastic ship that he put together and painted to match our bathroom (yes, it's nautical themed). We're stoked it's finally done and in our home!
- drove to Tampa: Clay (David's best man) proposed to Bethany! We got to celebrate a bit afterwards with them before leaving to get dinner, unpack, and veg out before crashing in bed.

Photos to come soon.

Love, d&k

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