Thursday, February 28, 2008

Website Spiff-up is now easier for everyone to view!
The previous photo format was difficult for people depending on browser, internet connection, and computer. So now it should be easy for everyone!
I hope you like it!

Tonight we're going to see a free screening of Penelope - Christina Ricci plays a girl cursed with a pig nose and ears who needs to find prince charming to break her curse. Yes, that's right. David is okay with seeing a girl movie if it's free. So we're off to the movies!

Don't forget we're coming to Gainesville Saturday!

Love, d&k

PS: Kallie has sold a necklace (to her mother in law) and a set of 5 bridal hair pins (to a Jessica in WA)! Yay!


Emily said...

Let me know if Penelope is any good. James McAvoy looks worth it.

d & k Buckmaster said...

I thought Penelope was super cute and David even liked it. I really enjoyed the cinematography and set designs, which is unusual (I thought) for a movie like this. I recommend it. :)

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