Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding Photos Posted!!

Tim and Diana's wedding photos are released to the public!!

Go to right now to see them all!

For a great selection, here you go:


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

AMAZING Kallie. Really, I'm speechless. You are so talented.

I totally wish you'd been our wedding photographer :)

d & k Buckmaster said...

:D Thank you SO much! You are so sweet! I hope I keep having these great opportunities to take photos and improve! I really do love it!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Kallie! You're on your way!

Anonymous said...

I know that everyone will say, "Well, yea, she's so totally prejudiced".
But, honestly, these pix are really wonderful and so full of emotion, art and fun!!!
As Louise said, "You are on your way!!!"
love, love, love,
mom T

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