Monday, March 31, 2008

KBP's future?

Kallie has a meeting in Lakeland tomorrow with a lady named Debbie Sawyer.

She has several wedding companies and has been a photographer for over 30 years.
She lives in North Carolina, Lakeland, and Marco Island. Her main business is currently in North Carolina, but she already has a branch in Lakeland, which she is planning to expand.
She saw my photo book of Tim and Diana's wedding in Lakeland while furniture shopping. Diana's mother works where Debbie was shopping and happened to have my book at her office.
Apparently she was very impressed and left her information to be passed on to Kallie.

Kallie just got off the phone with Debbie. We'll see what happens tomorrow...


two photos from the rehearsal dinner

Amber, Rachel, flower girl, Kallie
David, Tina, Amber, Rachel, Kallie

Sunday, March 30, 2008

March madness ends with two wetsuits.

From where we left off:

The rehearsal dinner was wonderful. We loved hanging out with friends and family and sat with Tina and Amber. Tina was Rachel's matron of honor and Amber was a bridesmaid. David has known them both for at least a decade - he went to elementary school with Amber. Kallie met them both at Rachel's bachelorette and has really enjoyed getting to know them. We really feel like part of the Hires/Mahaffey family, and love it. (Rachel and Matt got us a sweet Buckmaster plaque to put in our home for helping out with the wedding. We love it!)

We came home and watched Dan in Real Life afterwards. We both really enjoyed the movie. It's not our normal movie preference, but it was really good.

David took work off Friday. We slept in late and decided it would be a great day to get brunch at Cracker Barrel. We both got enormous amounts of food - three pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. YUM. We tied at the golf pick game at 3 left on the triangle board. Yeah, we're not so good at it.

We went back home, got dressed, and headed out to First Baptist Temple Terrace, where Rachel and Matt were getting ready. Everyone looked beautiful and Kallie helped David's mom do some last minute things like boutonnières and ribbons. Kallie also got some really great photos while the photographer wasn't around, so check out for those soon. :) The ceremony was beautiful. The ladies walked down the aisle to Sufjan Stevens - and if you don't know who that is, you should expand your music selection immediately. It set the perfect mood. Everyone was glowing and I think the entire room teared up. Mr. Hires did a great job of officiating and it was so sweet as he struggled (in a good way) through some parts. Then we went to Harbour Island for the reception. It was beautiful. The two of us manned the "get your seating card" table. Then Kallie ditched David to go watch the portraits being taken by the water. Very pretty. It was a beautiful wedding and we can't wait to see the new Hires family when they return from their two week honeymoon - not fair!

Saturday we went to Wekiva Springs near Orlando for one of David's coworker's weddings. A lot of the people from the FBCH were there and Kallie met some more people. They're all moving into their new building late this week/next week. Kallie might go help put some furniture together when it arrives on Wednesday. We left the reception early to head back to Tampa. We went out to eat with Logan, Laura, Ashley, Justin, and Shannon at MJBarleyhoppers and then came back to our place and played some cards. We had a very good time. :)

They left around midnight, so we were late getting to sleep. Sunday morning, we left an hour late for our church's beach baptism out at Fort DeSoto. We inched through a line a few miles long until we couldn't take it any longer - instead of an hour late, we were at least two and a half hours late. So we stopped at Subway, pulled off along the main road to a mini beach and ate, laid in the sand, and played frisbee. We watched a few guys unload about a dozen sheephead from a net they let down over the bridge. And we had the cherry coke and Publix chocolate chip cookies that we were taking to the baptism, so we were very satisfied. Then we met Keith for dinner in New Tampa and had a lovely time catching up with his life. We went home and relaxed for the first time this week. Right before showering, Kallie, with a frown, comes out to David and says, "look at me." David immediately starts laughing uncontrollably. (Boys - don't attempt this.) Thankfully, Kallie knew it was funny and made David come stand in front of the mirror with her: Kallie was wearing a shorts/short-sleeved pale wetsuit and David had on a pants/short-sleeved one with a v-neck. Oh yes, we're very hot right now. (This is why you're supposed to wear sun screen.)

much love,


The Chinese military posing as Tibetan Monks. And somehow the monks are supposed to be causing all the violence. Because if there's anything that Buddhists are known for, it's violence right?

This is the same government that recently banned ghost stories and reincarnation. Add in the Laogai camps (google it) and Sudan mess and you've got a government that really shouldn't be allowed to be such a major player in the world economy (notice I said government, not the people). Hopefully increased transparency and financial dependency continue to bring reform to this country. The Olympics should be interesting.

If you are in a book store soon, pick up the newest issue of GOOD magazine. They have a really fascinating cover story on China this month. I'll come off my soapbox now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008



The little girl talking is Shaoey Chapman, daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman.

A little bad news makes a big good news:
Kallie's April 19th photoshoot canceled, so we get to go to Tallahassee for Kallie's mom's birthday! Yay! We want to go fishing.

Matt and Rachel's rehearsal is tonight! I can't believe it's already here! Yay!! David went out with the boys last night for Matt's bachelor party. He had a really good time.

love, d&k

Monday, March 24, 2008

busy weekends

We had a lovely three-day weekend. It consisted of: Ballast Point Park picnic; Bill Jacksons; Sunshine Skyway; Ellenton Outlet Mall; Big Top Flea Market; B and her beau, Chris; Easter service at Relevant; lunch at David's mom's with sister Beth, her beau, Josh, his daughter, Morgan, and his dad, Cliff; then visiting David's dad, Louise, Catherine, and sick kitty Peaches.

David had been sick during the week. Kallie is sick now.

This weekend: rehearsal dinner for Matt and Rachel Thursday, wedding Friday, David's coworker's wedding in Orlando Saturday, Relevant Church's beach baptism Sunday.

Kallie has a maternity/family photo shoot the next Saturday, the 5th.

We're trying to get up to Tallahassee to visit Kallie's parents for an Easter/mom's birthday on April 18th trip. But the weekends are jammed. The next Saturday, David is moving his company into a new building; the next, Kallie has a family portrait shoot; and hopefully that next weekend (April 26/27) will stay open for a vacation. We'll see.

Horray for getting government money soon.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

You can click on these to make them bigger. We hope you're having a very happy Easter.

Much love, d&k

Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patrick's Day!

We got engaged on St. Patrick's Day two years ago in NYC on a rooftop by the Empire State Building, which was glowing green for the holiday. Fun!! Then we went to an Irish pub with David's sister and her friends. Lots of green.

Looking for something green to wear for the holiday week??
Get the necklace here and the earrings here. They're great!

much love,

ps: Brittany came to visit and stayed the night. Whee! We played with puppies this morning.

pps: We're going to watch soccer at Raymond James Stadium this evening. Go USA!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

the photos.

1. Kallie got a new lens: 35mm f2.0. Yay.

2. Relevant Office Party photos are here.
Kallie is emailing selects of these to Relevant, Pigeon, and Baron, so keep your fingers crossed that they'll use them and put Kallie's name on them.
paint ceramic eggs at Color Me Mine in Hyde Park
buy wood to make new coffee table
make new coffee table
buy white paint for old coffee table - learn how to do that best

Kallie just got off the phone with B, and she's coming to stay with us tomorrow till Saturday. Sweet!

much love,

PS: We watched Rob Bell's Everything is Spiritual sermon and absolutely loved it. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


. We LOVE the time change. Thank you, sun, for staying out later.

. David bought some pants at (that's why I bluefly...project runway commercials, anyone?). they're fantastic. he loves them. and is getting them hemmed.

. Saturday we went to Lakeland and explored the parks around Lake Mirror for photos. Fantastic place. We're excited to move there.

. Then we went to Winter Park and met up with Amanda and Ben. Pizza dinner and talking.

. Relevant 5th Annual Office Party. Baron von Bear and Pigeon John. Always front row. Great photos to share soon. SUCH A FUN TIME! We loved it.

. Bed in Brandon at 2am...wait...3am. Slept through church.

. Ben and Amanda come our way. Pick strawberries: 4 quarts for a dollar. 5 quarts for us, 6 quarts for them. Such a great time. Photos on the Rollei - have to be shipped off. Also digital photos to come.

. Talked wedding photo stuff. Horray. Ben and Amanda unite August 9th. ;)

. Burned necks and arms from strawberry picking.

. Dinner with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine. Kallie was tired from the fun weekend.

. Kallie has made a strawberry pizza. We'll try it tonight.

. David has broken our ironing board. Kallie fixed it just now.

. Really excited about the near future.

. Hoping Relevant wants to publish some of Kallie's photos from the party...which still need editing and emailing.

. Kallie's Grandma is healing and still in the hospital.

Much love and photos to come,

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sitting in bed.

Happy Saturday! We're sitting in bed with our computers and laughing at ourselves. This is not normal for us, except sometimes on Saturday mornings. It's fun.

We had a lovely time at a shower for Matt and Rachel last night.

Today we're headed to Orlando to hang out with Amanda and Ben, make a run to Ikea, and then go to the Relevant Magazine 5th Annual Party and see Baron von Bear and Pigeon John! What a sweet day!!

Tomorrow we're either going strawberry picking or to Busch Gardens. Both great options.

Kallie's Grandma had surgery and it went well. She's recovering. Please continue to pray for her health.

KBP has been booked for a portrait shoot of three- and one-year-old brothers in mid-April. Yay! It's a reference from the adorable Harshbarger family. Also, there's a high probability that Kallie is shooting another wedding later this year. David grew up with Emily who is a part-time wedding planner and thought of me for her friend's (Jenna's) wedding. Sweetness.

A super cute girl, Brittany M., has this posted on her facebook and Kallie thinks it's super cute:
[the double-spaced formatting changes it a bit, but oh well]
Yes, she realizes it's a bit nerdy, too. :)

Off to start this weekend's adventures!

Love, d&k

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More spiffing.


Kallie made covers for our chair cushions. Well, she has one more to make...but 3 of 4 is almost done!

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Necklaces!

You can see one posted to the right - three new necklaces in Kallie's Etsy Shoppe! The Amazonite necklace (seafoam green) is Kallie's favorite. She made one for herself. :)

Kallie's grandpa's 80th birthday surprise photos are all done and the books are in (to ship to family). You can see all of the photos here. Grandpa is very cute and animated!

Kallie's grandmother has been in the hospital. Kallie talked to her yesterday and she sounds really good. But she might need serious surgery on her intestines (this will be her second surgery on her intestines), so please pray for her quick recovery.

Kallie sold more bridal hair pins to Kathryn in NC. Thanks!!

We saw The Other Boleyn Girl Friday night and enjoyed the movie. Kallie really liked it and David thought it was fine. It has been getting bad reviews, but we disagree. However, we extremely disliked most of the people in the theatre - you're not at home. No, you can't talk. Close your mouth.

Saturday in Gainesville was amazing. We love and miss you, Clifton. And thanks to everyone else we saw for making it an absolutely fabulous day. And exhausting. Kallie had a huge headache all of Sunday because of it.

David couldn't sleep last night and therefore had a hard day at work. Hopefully he sleeps better tonight!

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