Monday, March 24, 2008

busy weekends

We had a lovely three-day weekend. It consisted of: Ballast Point Park picnic; Bill Jacksons; Sunshine Skyway; Ellenton Outlet Mall; Big Top Flea Market; B and her beau, Chris; Easter service at Relevant; lunch at David's mom's with sister Beth, her beau, Josh, his daughter, Morgan, and his dad, Cliff; then visiting David's dad, Louise, Catherine, and sick kitty Peaches.

David had been sick during the week. Kallie is sick now.

This weekend: rehearsal dinner for Matt and Rachel Thursday, wedding Friday, David's coworker's wedding in Orlando Saturday, Relevant Church's beach baptism Sunday.

Kallie has a maternity/family photo shoot the next Saturday, the 5th.

We're trying to get up to Tallahassee to visit Kallie's parents for an Easter/mom's birthday on April 18th trip. But the weekends are jammed. The next Saturday, David is moving his company into a new building; the next, Kallie has a family portrait shoot; and hopefully that next weekend (April 26/27) will stay open for a vacation. We'll see.

Horray for getting government money soon.



Clifton said...

thank you :-) How did you find out about it? I'm guessing you saw it on facebook?

d & k Buckmaster said...

yes yes, facebook!

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