Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Chinese military posing as Tibetan Monks. And somehow the monks are supposed to be causing all the violence. Because if there's anything that Buddhists are known for, it's violence right?

This is the same government that recently banned ghost stories and reincarnation. Add in the Laogai camps (google it) and Sudan mess and you've got a government that really shouldn't be allowed to be such a major player in the world economy (notice I said government, not the people). Hopefully increased transparency and financial dependency continue to bring reform to this country. The Olympics should be interesting.

If you are in a book store soon, pick up the newest issue of GOOD magazine. They have a really fascinating cover story on China this month. I'll come off my soapbox now.


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Thanks for fostering discussion.

Another good book is The World is Flat by Friedman. It's about all of our international relationships with countries around the world and how they got that way.

Just try to go a week, or even a day, without buying or using something that was made in China, data-processed in China, or somehow along the manufacturing chain spent some time in China - start with your computer.

It's going to be tough to encourage our leaders to crack down on China when we're so very dependent upon them commercially at this point.

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Although we should keep trying, is what I meant to say at the end of that!

David said...

I listened to the audio version on my commute a few months ago. Interesting stuff, although I could have done without the 5 hours of explaining how online networks work. You're right that it's impossible to completely boycott their products. I'm just hoping they get through their "growing pains" quickly. China certainly isn't the only country whose development history is a bit questionable. Seriously though, pick up that copy of GOOD magazine.

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Agreed, the book was about 300 pages longer than necessary. That's his style though I guess - lots and lots and lots of anecdotes.

China kinda freaks me out sometimes. When I was in Europe, everybody kept saying that they want their kids to learn Chinese since they're going to be the next superpower. Yikes, if their governent's philosophies stay the same.

I do shop at WalMart a lot though. And Target. So I guess I'm a bit of a fan of the low prices of Chinese commodities.

OK, Buck, I'll go find out what GOOD magazine is and get a copy, for you. Let you know when I've read it.

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