Monday, March 3, 2008

New Necklaces!

You can see one posted to the right - three new necklaces in Kallie's Etsy Shoppe! The Amazonite necklace (seafoam green) is Kallie's favorite. She made one for herself. :)

Kallie's grandpa's 80th birthday surprise photos are all done and the books are in (to ship to family). You can see all of the photos here. Grandpa is very cute and animated!

Kallie's grandmother has been in the hospital. Kallie talked to her yesterday and she sounds really good. But she might need serious surgery on her intestines (this will be her second surgery on her intestines), so please pray for her quick recovery.

Kallie sold more bridal hair pins to Kathryn in NC. Thanks!!

We saw The Other Boleyn Girl Friday night and enjoyed the movie. Kallie really liked it and David thought it was fine. It has been getting bad reviews, but we disagree. However, we extremely disliked most of the people in the theatre - you're not at home. No, you can't talk. Close your mouth.

Saturday in Gainesville was amazing. We love and miss you, Clifton. And thanks to everyone else we saw for making it an absolutely fabulous day. And exhausting. Kallie had a huge headache all of Sunday because of it.

David couldn't sleep last night and therefore had a hard day at work. Hopefully he sleeps better tonight!



Alisa Kelleen said...

I can't wait to check out your new stuff on ETSY.

Kristin and Mike saw The Other Boleyn Girl on Friday as well. They said they liked it, but since the history was so trashy, the movie seemed kind of trashy. Why glorify betrayal? Did you think anything along those lines?

Also, congrats on your hair pins...glad to hear you have a market going!

d & k Buckmaster said...

Yes, we definitely talked about the trashiness of it afterwards. David hated that none of the male characters were quality. I pointed out that only two of the female characters were (Mary and her mother). But according to events in history, I certainly don't doubt that these people were as terrible as the movie makes them. I still find it interesting, though. People trying to get as much power as possible - we see that every day. We just can't behead people now...well, in our country, at least. Crazy.

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

I don't close my mouth in movie theaters. I paid a lot of money to go to the theater and see a movie with other people that I can't control. :)

That's why Kallie doesn't like watching them with me...


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

p.s. necklaces are beautiful, Kallie.

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