Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sitting in bed.

Happy Saturday! We're sitting in bed with our computers and laughing at ourselves. This is not normal for us, except sometimes on Saturday mornings. It's fun.

We had a lovely time at a shower for Matt and Rachel last night.

Today we're headed to Orlando to hang out with Amanda and Ben, make a run to Ikea, and then go to the Relevant Magazine 5th Annual Party and see Baron von Bear and Pigeon John! What a sweet day!!

Tomorrow we're either going strawberry picking or to Busch Gardens. Both great options.

Kallie's Grandma had surgery and it went well. She's recovering. Please continue to pray for her health.

KBP has been booked for a portrait shoot of three- and one-year-old brothers in mid-April. Yay! It's a reference from the adorable Harshbarger family. Also, there's a high probability that Kallie is shooting another wedding later this year. David grew up with Emily who is a part-time wedding planner and thought of me for her friend's (Jenna's) wedding. Sweetness.

A super cute girl, Brittany M., has this posted on her facebook and Kallie thinks it's super cute:
[the double-spaced formatting changes it a bit, but oh well]
Yes, she realizes it's a bit nerdy, too. :)

Off to start this weekend's adventures!

Love, d&k

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