Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Didn't Realize

I forgot that I hadn't mentioned going to a Seder Dinner at Bell Shoals Church with David's dad and Louise last Monday night. It was really cool...and long. We ended up leaving early. But it was a great celebration of our heritage and Jewish tradition and how Christ is seen in it. We had bitter herbs, unleavened bread, sang songs, and celebrated. David's dad's Sunday school teacher had a big ram's horn that he blew on occasion. It was a great experience, and something that we should know more about. Passover is our heritage, as Christians, too; and Christ never told us to stop celebrating God's faithfulness to Israel, especially since He was Jewish himself. It's definitely something we would love to learn more about and be more involved in for the coming years.

Thanks for taking us, Larry!

A week gone by.

A lot has happened over the last week. I'll try to remember most of it - and will save some of it for later.

On Wednesday, David brought home beautiful yellow tulips for Kallie.

Last Thurssday, I (Kallie) went to Lakeland for the day. During David's lunch break, we headed over to the super nice apartment complex we fell in love with when we first started our apartment search, but thought was too far away. Turns out, it's less than 5 miles from David's work, and about three miles from downtown. Not to mention, it's near a big shopping complex by the mall, so that's nice. We filled out our applications and turned them in, looked at the different apartments, and had to hurry back to the office. Kallie hung out with Shelley, running around town to look at bead stores and walk around downtown with little Miss Harper. We always have a lovely time. I'm so blessed to have already found a great friend in Lakeland! When David got off work, we headed back to our new apartment complex to look at the specific units that are available (2bed/2bath "Kensingtons"), and chose the one that we want for our new home! We're super excited and will be moving in on May 24th! That weekend is a holiday, so we'll have three days to spend getting everything all homey before David has to go back to work. That's perfect!

Since then, I've made a blueprint of the apartment and cut out to-scale paper pieces of all of our furniture, so its been fun working around with everything and figuring out how it all will work and what else we might need to buy. The living room is massive, so it's fun to play around with many different seating options. Yes, I grew up doing this with my mom. And I love it.

Wednesday night, we headed straight over to Rachel and Matt's home for dinner and The Office. They've done such an amazing job redesigning their house! It looks fantastic, and made David and I even more excited to move, paint furniture and walls, and get our home looking how we want it!! Also, dinner was absolutely delicious. Rachel is amazing and Matt is lucky! :) We had a wonderful time, as always.

Friday, I did laundry, packed, and tied up loose ends so that we could leave for Tallahassee right when David got home. He was home by 5:30 and we ate dinner, loaded the car, and were on the road by 6. Not too shabby. We crashed shortly after we arrived at my parents' home.

Saturday morning, David woke up at SIX AM to go fishing with my dad. They had an excellent time and caught tone of redfish and spotted sea trout. Dad sent me a phone photo of David with his huge redfish and I got so excited! (Sunday, mom and I would buy him a Guy Harvey tshirt with redfish and sea trout on it, per my dad's request, to induct him into the real fishing world, haha!) Mom and I had a lazy morning of chatting until we took a baby shower gift to one of her friends (for a new grandkid) and then went to see my Grandma. We took her out to lunch and to Kohls to get her some new clothes. Then we took her home and went to Gap. :D I got spoiled - and so did David. We all got back home that afternoon and went out to eat to celebrate lots of things, including, but not limited to, mom's birthday and a good day of fishing. It was lovely.

Sunday, we went to church and then David, dad, and dad's bff, David, all went fishing. Mom and I ran more errands and gabbed a lot. We had a delicious home-made dinner and watched movies on the tele.

Monday, David and I woke up and packed. We stopped and bought lunch to bring to mom and dad at work. David discovered dad's pellet gun (his "bird control" system for the warehouse - sorry if that offends you). So we took a Sprite can outside and shot at it. I shot it down on my second try! That's right. And poor David kept trying...but he didn't feel emasculated. ;) We left and headed to Gainesville, where we hung out with our closest Gville friends, including Katie's mom and dad. (They're going to be living in Auburndale, which is super close to Lakeland!) We had a lovely time and chatted a lot. The boys came up with a game using clothespins. It was really funny to watch. We had Moe's with Adam and Justin and then headed to Brandon. It was nice to get home, get all of our empty moving boxes upstairs, and unpack. The best part was sleeping in our bed. Fantastic.

Lots to do. Love to you all!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just realized I only posted a link to Matt and Rachel's wedding photos, but never posted any photos. Here are a couple, including one of yours truly. :)


Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun-packed weekend

Friday night, we changed plans and hung out with the Mahaffey fam. Logan won his architecture portfolio competition (he's amazing), so we went to Bahama Breeze to celebrate - Logan, Laura, Matt, Rachel, us, and Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffey. We had a really great time and laughed a lot.
Logan and Laura
Matt and Rachel
Looking at photos with Mrs. Mahaffey
[photos stolen from Rachel's facebook - aren't Matt and Rachel cute!?]

Saturday, we woke up and watched the week's The Office episode (that we missed to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall) in bed. It was awesome. Then we got dressed, went to lunch, and drove to Lakeland for the Florida Baptist Children's Homes' new building Dedication. David's parents came and met a lot of people and toured the building. There were a lot of people there. It was super hot and Kallie almost passed out - literally. She grabbed David's arm and he walked her over to a tent and she got some punch and sat down. Thankfully she felt much better pretty quickly. We had a great time, otherwise. Afterwards, we went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine. It was delicious.
Harper, Kallie, and Shelley :)
David in his office - the desk comes out into a big circle so he can work on paperwork with visitors - in the two chairs that are on the other side of the desk.

Sunday after church, we went to a BBQ at Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffey's house. We had a fabulous time and ate fabulous food - again!! So much food this weekend!!
Kallie is nice. David is mean.
We were beating each other up. It's silly.

Much love,

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Kallie's grandma has agreed to sell her house and move to Kallie's parents' neighborhood!! This is HUGE!! Kallie can stop getting onto her mom for not getting grandma to move (this has been ongoing for several years now) and Kallie's mom can RELAX!! Woohoo!
God is good.
much love.

ps: we added Matt and Rachel and Shelley, Eron, and Harper to our friends' blogs, to the right... :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommason!

It's Kallie's momma's birthday today!
We'll be off to Tallahassee next Friday evening to celebrate. Yay!
I love you, moms.
She seriously hasn't aged. :)


Juno came out on DVD this week and since we didn't pay to see it in theatres (sneak preview), so bought it and watched it Tuesday. We loved it again.

Thrice also came out with the second part of their latest album series, so we bought that at the same time. David is totally stoked, as you can see two posts ago. It's very good, we both agree.

Wednesday, David went about his normal work day while his wife spent the day with his coworker's wife. Kallie, Shelley (the coworker's wife), and Harper (their 6month old daughter), went to Mall of Millenia in Orlando for the day. It was a lot of fun. Harper is the sweetest baby and loves smiling. Not to mention, she's beautiful! Shelley and her hubby, Eron, have followed Baby Wise, which we've been huge fans of ever since we heard about it from our friends in Winter Park. So we talked about that a lot. When David got off work, we went house rental looking around Lakeland, but didn't find anything that was great. Please be praying for us...we're not really sure how this is all going to work out and we move out in about a month!

Thursday (yesterday), Kallie woke up in the middle of the night to David trying to kill her in her sleep. Well, not kill...but whatever David was dreaming about was not friendly, haha. David's hand gathered up all of its strength and decided to push down on Kallie's abdomen. Kallie woke up and laughed a little bit when she came to, and had to use as much sleepy strength as she had to remove the arm. David is crazy! That's the moral of the story, right!?!? :) That night, we went and saw a Forgetting Sarah Marshall sneak preview with Logan, Laura, Rachel, Matt, Shannon, and one of Shannon's friends (thanks to Logan for the ticket!) It was very very funny and we had a really good time hanging out with friends.

Upcoming events:
Tonight: Baron Von Bear concert in YBor with Matt and Rachel
Saturday: FBCH (David's work) building grand opening in Lakeland - David's parents will all be there
Sunday: church, then a BBQ at Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffey's home
Monday: Seder Dinner at Bell Shoals Baptist with David's dad

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As with all of their albums, a portion goes to charity. This time it's Blood:Water Mission, an organization that builds clean water wells in Africa. It's a win-win. Great music, even better cause.

gas is expensive.

Friday night, we went to Cheesecake Factory, just like we planned, and David got a massive plate of ribs, just like we planned. It was fun.

Saturday we woke up early and headed to Lakeland. David had to help with moving and setting up stuff in his new office building. Kallie met with one of David's coworker's wife, Shelley. We had a very nice time driving around the city, chatting at Starbucks, and walking around some parks. Kallie is super excited to meet such a fun gal through David's work. Shelley and her hubby, Eron, have a 6 month old baby girl and have only been in Lakeland for a few months. We'll be able to help each other transition - and have someone to hang out with while our hubbies are at work. Kallie is stoked.

That afternoon, we vegged out until we decided to make a trek out to Clearwater to have dinner at Frenchy's. It took forever to get into Clearwater, but we had a nice time walking the beach and eating delicious fish tacos.

Sunday after church, we had lunch with David's mom and Hank in Ybor at a restaurant Matt keeps telling us to check out (I can't remember the name right this moment). It was delicious. Then we went over to their house in Lutz to see the new office (David's old room!) and Hank's new iMac. Love. After Kallie buys a new camera, a whole new computer system is next. (I can't wait!!)

We also had a bit of fun with PhotoBooth. :)

Photo 4.jpg
Photo 6.jpg
Photo 2.jpg

And yesterday, Monday, we were basically bored out of our minds. Kallie watch The Hills. It'll be nice when we don't have cable any more. We would like to hold on to our brain cells.

love, d&k

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Love it.

Keep sharing the link!

Kallie's Proofs Site has hit over 400 visitors!

Picture 1.png

Thanks so much for looking at my photos!
...and for all of the support!
...and for all of the encouragement!

And keep sharing them with new people, if ya like!

much love, k


A girl that Kallie grew up with in Tallahassee works with Charity:Water now. She posted a link to a new PSA out that you may want to take a minute to watch: http://www.charitywater.org/mailings/psa.htm

David left work an hour and a half late Wednesday night. He's working really hard this week, trying to get everything set up at his new office building. He's doing a really good job, but it's hectic and he has to deal with all of the problems. Hopefully everything will get done today so he doesn't have to go back tomorrow (yes, that's a Saturday).

Last night, we went to Logan's apartment to watch the return of The Office on tv. It was fantastic. Rachel and Matt are back from their honeymoon, so it was really good to see them.

Tonight, David gets to eat ribs to celebrate the end of his hard week at work. Yay!

love, d&k

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photos Open

The Kelly family received their photos today:

"Hi, Kallie! I got the photos in the mail today!!! YEA!!! They look amazing and I can't wait to show everyone! Thanks again and we'll keep you "in the loop" when Roman makes his entrance :) Debbi"

Get excited! The whole lot is now available for viewing here: http://kalliebrynn.zenfolio.com/p829262147/.

I wish the Kelly's the best for a safe next few months and easy transition as their new baby boy blesses the world with his presence! I'm excited to meet him when we take newborn photos and new portraits of all 5 members of the family!



Kallie just met with a potential wedding photos bride.

She's our friend from BCM, Courtney's, cousin.

Keep your fingers crossed!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ok, so seriously, I never win anything. I try. But it never happens.



I won the new ABP Rollei t-shirt that totally rocks my socks. (It's kind of weird to say "rocks my socks." How old is that?)

Here's Bryan's post of the winners.

I'm so excited!

love, K

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kelly Family Portraits

It was SO windy!!

But we had a good time anyway! The Kelly family is simply beautiful and they had a lot of fun playing at the beach. The littlest one didn't like the sand, so it was really silly when her father would hold her over it - she wouldn't let him! She loved being in her dad's arms, though, so that was good. And the oldest daughter is so brave! She just went off exploring on her own, into the water, fighting the waves. So cute, and they're all a pleasure to photograph!


Click over to Flickr to see a small selection. The rest will be posted on my proofs page once the family receives their package!


this post is supposed to have photos, but it doesn't


.we received a postcard from our friend Danielle who is in Zambia working for the Peace Corps. Yay!

.we went rollerrunning. It's our new thing. David runs and Kallie rollerblades. It's good for David, because he keeps a fast pace. It's good for Kallie because she gets some exercise. This will help us greatly come June in Denver.

.we sat in the hot tub.

.we watched the very last episode of Arrested Development. We watched the entire show - all three seasons - while The Office was on hiatus. We love them both. And we're happy that The Office will be back on this week. Horray! Interested in seeing Arrested Development for yourself? Watch all of the episodes in full here: http://www.hulu.com/arrested-development. Hulu.com also has tons of movies and other tv shows.

This is amusing: http://davidhorvitz.com/if/index.html


ps: We added a list of our friends' blogs that we read. It's to the right, under the Flickr photos.

Monday, April 7, 2008

rainy days and another crazy weekend

Kallie couldn't sleep Friday night. With all of the exciting things going on and a photoshoot the next morning, she just tossed and turned all night.

But 7am rolled around and it was time to get crackin'! We drove out to the beautiful Anna Maria Island for a 9am photoshoot. We had never been there before but will definitely go back now that we've seen how pretty and cute the island is. The Kelly family arrived and despite the nasty gust winds, we persevered and took some fantastic photos. (See the next post!)

Kallie was itchy and soaking wet from taking photos near the water (she wasn't too smart and wore jeans) so she hopped in the shower really quick before we headed to Honda to take David's car in for two recalls. We vegged out at home and made bagel pizzas while waiting for the car to be ready. The car was fine, but they took a while getting it back to us, so we had to zoom over to north Tampa to make it to Idlewild Church by 5pm. David was supposed to play ultimate frisbee with Clay, Kylie, and some other kids he knew, but, of course, opted to go play soccer with some other kids instead. He ended up knowing several more guys and had a really great time running around with the ball. Kallie enjoyed watching until it started to get cold when the sun went down.

We had planned on going to Busch Gardens to see the newly opened Jungala section of the park, but the weather was pretty nasty. After church, we fell asleep for two hours on the sofa. Sunday afternoon naps are the best. It was definitely a rainy day, complete with getting drowned on our way to and from Publix.

Today, David is crazy busy at work. The elevator still needs to be completed in the new office building before the movers can finish bringing in the furniture for the second floor. It's hectic, but he's handling it. Kallie is editing photos galore. Can you believe she took 800 photos in 2 hours? She can, but it's still pretty ridiculous. With the crazy wind, it's a good thing, though. Hairs are flying, eyes are squinting, sand is darting into skin and eyes - definitely not the best situation. Thankfully, the Kelly family is gorgeous, so they pulled it off very well. :)

More work to do...

Love, d&k

Friday, April 4, 2008

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