Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Bryan Photo.

Everyone who reads this should already know my admiration for A Bryan Photo. Ever since my mom sent me a link to his website almost a year before David and I got engaged, we knew we had to hire him. He's fantastic and I hope my business grows to be something like his one day.

I read his blog daily. And he's having another t-shirt contest. I'm head over heels for this shirt: 1. It's ABP. 2. It has a Rollei on it, which I would absolutely love to wear on my chest. You see...Rolleis are supposed to have straps to hang around your neck so that you can look down into them. Well, I don't have a strap so I always have to hold it and try to keep it steady while adjusting the knobs and finally clicking the trigger. This will be the easiest it has ever been to have a Rollei sitting where it needs to be.

Here is the t-shirt:And here is my entry:
We spread the Bryan news everywhere we go! (You should read Bryan's post to understand the photo.)

1 comment:

A Bryan Photo said...

If I were the judge, which I'm not... just the wife of the judge... then you would definetly be the winner! If I have any pull, I'll try to swing it your way!

Mrs. ABP

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