Tuesday, April 15, 2008

gas is expensive.

Friday night, we went to Cheesecake Factory, just like we planned, and David got a massive plate of ribs, just like we planned. It was fun.

Saturday we woke up early and headed to Lakeland. David had to help with moving and setting up stuff in his new office building. Kallie met with one of David's coworker's wife, Shelley. We had a very nice time driving around the city, chatting at Starbucks, and walking around some parks. Kallie is super excited to meet such a fun gal through David's work. Shelley and her hubby, Eron, have a 6 month old baby girl and have only been in Lakeland for a few months. We'll be able to help each other transition - and have someone to hang out with while our hubbies are at work. Kallie is stoked.

That afternoon, we vegged out until we decided to make a trek out to Clearwater to have dinner at Frenchy's. It took forever to get into Clearwater, but we had a nice time walking the beach and eating delicious fish tacos.

Sunday after church, we had lunch with David's mom and Hank in Ybor at a restaurant Matt keeps telling us to check out (I can't remember the name right this moment). It was delicious. Then we went over to their house in Lutz to see the new office (David's old room!) and Hank's new iMac. Love. After Kallie buys a new camera, a whole new computer system is next. (I can't wait!!)

We also had a bit of fun with PhotoBooth. :)

Photo 4.jpg
Photo 6.jpg
Photo 2.jpg

And yesterday, Monday, we were basically bored out of our minds. Kallie watch The Hills. It'll be nice when we don't have cable any more. We would like to hold on to our brain cells.

love, d&k

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Dustin Moody said...

Hey, guys! When are you moving to Lakeland? We'll definitely meet up for dinner or coffee when you get settled in. And I know what you mean about those high gas prices...glad you both are doing well. Take care.

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