Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KBP - independent contractor.

First, I uploaded Matt and Rachel's wedding photos last night: http://kalliebrynn.zenfolio.com/p915304516/. Please enjoy.

Second, we looked at a beautiful yellow with white trim, hardwood floors, big kitchen, one car garage, front porch, lots of windows, crown molding, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, front office room bungalow home in Lakeland on David's lunch break today. We are keeping our fingers so crossed that it doesn't get picked off the market before May 1st when we can claim it for our own. That is, to rent.

Now, what you've all been waiting for, a list of notes from my three hour meeting with Debbie at her beautiful home in southeast Lakeland:
-independently contracted
-weddings in Lakeland
-another kids photo project that is hush-hush at the moment
-a personal page of my photos on her website (she hasn't paid for advertising for three years and the website is so well known that she's stayed completely booked anyway)
-cell phone
-I can keep my own company and image (kalliebrynn.com, KBP, LLC, etc.)
-I can do my own business on the side - I don't have to sign a "no compete" agreement
-David can continue to come with me on jobs
-I would manage all of Lakeland's work - the calls from the website would come to me and I could book as few or as many weddings as I want
-she'll pay for any new equipment I need
-all of my expenses will be covered
-she's going to talk to her real estate agent about helping us find a home to rent
We're both going to research the Lakeland market and figure out what wedding shows, etc., we need to attend. We'll keep in touch through email and phone for the next couple of weeks and things will become more finalized in the next month or so. Nothing is in writing yet, I haven't signed a single thing. We just talked for a long time and I gave her my business card.

I'll definitely keep you posted about both the house and the business.



ps: We're using tax returns to go visit Alisa, Tommie, and Lili in June or July. Yay!


Clifton said...

Congratulations Kallie! That sounds awesome! And so great about not signing a "no compete"...those can be nasty. Looking forward to hearing about how it all goes!

Alisa Kelleen said...

1. I can't wait to have you here!

2. THAT"S SO AWESOME!!! I hope it works out! That would be the greatest little deal ever...you're the big time Kallie Brynn, way to go.

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

WHOAZERS rock star!

Talk about breaking into the biz...

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Also, house sounds GORGEOUS. Jealous maybe (esp. that kitchen) but happy for you! I hope it works out!

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