Monday, April 7, 2008

rainy days and another crazy weekend

Kallie couldn't sleep Friday night. With all of the exciting things going on and a photoshoot the next morning, she just tossed and turned all night.

But 7am rolled around and it was time to get crackin'! We drove out to the beautiful Anna Maria Island for a 9am photoshoot. We had never been there before but will definitely go back now that we've seen how pretty and cute the island is. The Kelly family arrived and despite the nasty gust winds, we persevered and took some fantastic photos. (See the next post!)

Kallie was itchy and soaking wet from taking photos near the water (she wasn't too smart and wore jeans) so she hopped in the shower really quick before we headed to Honda to take David's car in for two recalls. We vegged out at home and made bagel pizzas while waiting for the car to be ready. The car was fine, but they took a while getting it back to us, so we had to zoom over to north Tampa to make it to Idlewild Church by 5pm. David was supposed to play ultimate frisbee with Clay, Kylie, and some other kids he knew, but, of course, opted to go play soccer with some other kids instead. He ended up knowing several more guys and had a really great time running around with the ball. Kallie enjoyed watching until it started to get cold when the sun went down.

We had planned on going to Busch Gardens to see the newly opened Jungala section of the park, but the weather was pretty nasty. After church, we fell asleep for two hours on the sofa. Sunday afternoon naps are the best. It was definitely a rainy day, complete with getting drowned on our way to and from Publix.

Today, David is crazy busy at work. The elevator still needs to be completed in the new office building before the movers can finish bringing in the furniture for the second floor. It's hectic, but he's handling it. Kallie is editing photos galore. Can you believe she took 800 photos in 2 hours? She can, but it's still pretty ridiculous. With the crazy wind, it's a good thing, though. Hairs are flying, eyes are squinting, sand is darting into skin and eyes - definitely not the best situation. Thankfully, the Kelly family is gorgeous, so they pulled it off very well. :)

More work to do...

Love, d&k

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Clifton said...

800 photos in 2 hours - not only am I not suprised, I would expect nothing less. way to be efficient!

And think about how many GORGEOUS pictures you'll be able to take in DC... (ok, and in Colorado, with babies and mountains and all)

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