Tuesday, April 8, 2008

this post is supposed to have photos, but it doesn't


.we received a postcard from our friend Danielle who is in Zambia working for the Peace Corps. Yay!

.we went rollerrunning. It's our new thing. David runs and Kallie rollerblades. It's good for David, because he keeps a fast pace. It's good for Kallie because she gets some exercise. This will help us greatly come June in Denver.

.we sat in the hot tub.

.we watched the very last episode of Arrested Development. We watched the entire show - all three seasons - while The Office was on hiatus. We love them both. And we're happy that The Office will be back on this week. Horray! Interested in seeing Arrested Development for yourself? Watch all of the episodes in full here: http://www.hulu.com/arrested-development. Hulu.com also has tons of movies and other tv shows.

This is amusing: http://davidhorvitz.com/if/index.html


ps: We added a list of our friends' blogs that we read. It's to the right, under the Flickr photos.

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