Friday, April 11, 2008


A girl that Kallie grew up with in Tallahassee works with Charity:Water now. She posted a link to a new PSA out that you may want to take a minute to watch:

David left work an hour and a half late Wednesday night. He's working really hard this week, trying to get everything set up at his new office building. He's doing a really good job, but it's hectic and he has to deal with all of the problems. Hopefully everything will get done today so he doesn't have to go back tomorrow (yes, that's a Saturday).

Last night, we went to Logan's apartment to watch the return of The Office on tv. It was fantastic. Rachel and Matt are back from their honeymoon, so it was really good to see them.

Tonight, David gets to eat ribs to celebrate the end of his hard week at work. Yay!

love, d&k

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Clifton said...

I second that on The Office. so great to have it back. And last night was an intense episode.

good luck Bucky, enjoy your ribs!

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