Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A week gone by.

A lot has happened over the last week. I'll try to remember most of it - and will save some of it for later.

On Wednesday, David brought home beautiful yellow tulips for Kallie.

Last Thurssday, I (Kallie) went to Lakeland for the day. During David's lunch break, we headed over to the super nice apartment complex we fell in love with when we first started our apartment search, but thought was too far away. Turns out, it's less than 5 miles from David's work, and about three miles from downtown. Not to mention, it's near a big shopping complex by the mall, so that's nice. We filled out our applications and turned them in, looked at the different apartments, and had to hurry back to the office. Kallie hung out with Shelley, running around town to look at bead stores and walk around downtown with little Miss Harper. We always have a lovely time. I'm so blessed to have already found a great friend in Lakeland! When David got off work, we headed back to our new apartment complex to look at the specific units that are available (2bed/2bath "Kensingtons"), and chose the one that we want for our new home! We're super excited and will be moving in on May 24th! That weekend is a holiday, so we'll have three days to spend getting everything all homey before David has to go back to work. That's perfect!

Since then, I've made a blueprint of the apartment and cut out to-scale paper pieces of all of our furniture, so its been fun working around with everything and figuring out how it all will work and what else we might need to buy. The living room is massive, so it's fun to play around with many different seating options. Yes, I grew up doing this with my mom. And I love it.

Wednesday night, we headed straight over to Rachel and Matt's home for dinner and The Office. They've done such an amazing job redesigning their house! It looks fantastic, and made David and I even more excited to move, paint furniture and walls, and get our home looking how we want it!! Also, dinner was absolutely delicious. Rachel is amazing and Matt is lucky! :) We had a wonderful time, as always.

Friday, I did laundry, packed, and tied up loose ends so that we could leave for Tallahassee right when David got home. He was home by 5:30 and we ate dinner, loaded the car, and were on the road by 6. Not too shabby. We crashed shortly after we arrived at my parents' home.

Saturday morning, David woke up at SIX AM to go fishing with my dad. They had an excellent time and caught tone of redfish and spotted sea trout. Dad sent me a phone photo of David with his huge redfish and I got so excited! (Sunday, mom and I would buy him a Guy Harvey tshirt with redfish and sea trout on it, per my dad's request, to induct him into the real fishing world, haha!) Mom and I had a lazy morning of chatting until we took a baby shower gift to one of her friends (for a new grandkid) and then went to see my Grandma. We took her out to lunch and to Kohls to get her some new clothes. Then we took her home and went to Gap. :D I got spoiled - and so did David. We all got back home that afternoon and went out to eat to celebrate lots of things, including, but not limited to, mom's birthday and a good day of fishing. It was lovely.

Sunday, we went to church and then David, dad, and dad's bff, David, all went fishing. Mom and I ran more errands and gabbed a lot. We had a delicious home-made dinner and watched movies on the tele.

Monday, David and I woke up and packed. We stopped and bought lunch to bring to mom and dad at work. David discovered dad's pellet gun (his "bird control" system for the warehouse - sorry if that offends you). So we took a Sprite can outside and shot at it. I shot it down on my second try! That's right. And poor David kept trying...but he didn't feel emasculated. ;) We left and headed to Gainesville, where we hung out with our closest Gville friends, including Katie's mom and dad. (They're going to be living in Auburndale, which is super close to Lakeland!) We had a lovely time and chatted a lot. The boys came up with a game using clothespins. It was really funny to watch. We had Moe's with Adam and Justin and then headed to Brandon. It was nice to get home, get all of our empty moving boxes upstairs, and unpack. The best part was sleeping in our bed. Fantastic.

Lots to do. Love to you all!



Clifton said...

haha, I've been doing the same thing with my new apartment for next year (Resident Fellows get a studio apartment for free!) I wish I could move in now, but I'll be in my current apartment until August. Unfortunately mine does not have a huge living area, but I'm trying to arrange furniture to make it feel bigger.

There's just something fun about moving into and setting up a new place. Since there's not a lot of room, I think I will be getting some big bean bags as furniture. fun stuff

Speaking of new places, you might have a visitor at yours :-)

Tommie said...

First off, I love that you cut out paper furniture and put them on your apartment "schematic" that you made. You probably enjoy doing it so you won't care, but the Better homes and gardens website lets you do that online for free. My roommate in college did that. He's pretty anal about furniture placement (not Clark).

Second, I read in Relevant Mag that your church in tampa has called for everyone to have sex every day for thirty days (the married ones of course). Is that true? Just curious.

Emily said...

I'll be in Africa when you guys move to Lakeland, but I'm excited that ya'll will be within minutes of me!

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