Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebrate the mamas.

Wednesday night, after Kallie's lovely treasure hunt, Keith and Savannah came over for dinner. David made enchiladas, which are always delicious! We had a lovely time catching up. After dinner, we went just a block away to Keith and Sav's new home...too bad they'll be living there after we move. :(

Thursday, Kallie went to Lakeland to take care of Harper while Shelley went and took a test and Eron was at work. Kallie always enjoys watching Harper, and gets some reading done at the same time. That night, we went on a little date to Chili's for dinner. It was yummy.

Friday, we didn't do much. We went to David's dad's house to pick up our beautiful dry, white, coffee table. While doing so, David pushed the table forward while Kallie was helping at the other side. Her face was a bit too close, and bam! Kallie got a bloody lip. Haha! It's barely noticeable, thankfully. Kallie didn't even know it was bleeding at first. (Larry, Louise, and Catherine were getting ready for their Mediterranean cruise that they're currently enjoying until the day before we move.)

Saturday morning we ran some errands and then sat by the pool and read and swam a little bit. That night, David went out to eat with Matt and Logan. Then they headed over to Kelly's Pub for Matt's show. Kallie went to Matt and Rachel's house, where Rachel threw a super sweet dinner for a few ladies. We had a lovely time chatting, eating, and playing Catch Phrase (Kallie, Amber, and Mrs. Mahaffey won!). After the dinner, Rachel and Kallie headed over to Kelly's Pub to meet up with the guys and watch Matt play some lovely songs.

Yesterday we went to David's mom's house with David's sister, Beth, her bf, Josh, and his family. We played with PhotoBooth again and had a great time.
sitting at table.jpg
group shot.jpg
sitting on David.jpg


Clifton said...

he made me enchiladas before he ever made them for you. and don't you forget it! haha

SO excited to be seeing you guys soon!

Courtney said...

Buck's enchiladas = heaven for taste buds.

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