Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally Getting Settled.

We're happily in our new home. The walls are a pretty blue, the furniture is set, and things are cozy. Still some organizing, picture hanging, curtains/rods hanging to do. Lots of other things to do, too. But it's coming along quite well. No apartment photos yet. It's not ready!

Ikea is 40 minutes away now, so we went for dinner/shopping when David got home from work yesterday. 100 dollars for a new coffee table, curtain rods and window drapery panels for three windows, and storage boxes. Love Ikea.

We got our change of address postcards in the mail. We'll slowly be sending those out over the next week or so. We also have some thank-yous to write, an etsy order to mail out, and wedding gifts to buy. (This is more a list so I can remember!!) Oh, and we need to go to the bank to be sure all of the addresses are changed, order new checks, and deposit some moolah! That's a fun part, right!?

New maternity photo from last night:
(Compare it to the last one - there's a pretty big diff!! :) )
I think I just look like I'm getting a beer gut, but at least I know that's not true and a little darling is growing in there. I'm loving my new maternity shorts. All of my shorts' waistlines are too tight now!!

Clifton comes to stay with us Friday-Sunday. We're super excited.
Friday night: a going-away-party at the Mahaffey's for Matt and Rachel (out to LA) and Logan (to Europe).
Saturday night: attending Traci's wedding.
Sunday: lunch with David's mom and Hank.
Wednesday-Tuesday: DENVER!! SO excited!
Then Keith and Sav's wedding that weekend - photographing all of our friends, including Kallie's parents! Too fun!

Busy, busy!

Back to work!


kt glimmer said...

So I was just looking at the picture of your new tummy and my nephew Clyde (5 years old) comes up behind me and says, "Hey! I see a baby in her tummy!" lol! I didn't think it was quite that noticeable, but I guess he knows a mommy when he sees one.

d & k Buckmaster said...

Oh my goodness! That is precious! Kids are so intuitive. :)

Anonymous said...

It's just a tiny pooch! R U sure you aren't trying to stick your belly out???
Haha! Too cute....
beer belly? not quite....not even close...

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