Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Katie Webb's 23rd birthday was last Friday. We love her.

Things we did this week:
-spray painted multiple layers of primer and white paint onto our coffee table [at David's dad's house]
-paid our last month's rent for this apartment
-changed our apartment in Lakeland from a third floor to a first floor, therefore spending a lot of time there waiting and finally figuring it out
-saw Iron Man
-went to David's step sis, Catherine's, graduation from USF and then had food and cake at David's dad's house
-went to church
-went to Borders
-read by the pool and jumped in for a few minutes
-watched the first disc of Flight of the Concords, thanks to Matt

today: pack some boxes, David at work, celebrate Logan's birthday and Cinco de Mayo tonight at Cheesecake Factory

love d&k

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