Monday, May 19, 2008

It's gloomy outside...

and probably will be the rest of the week. We'll just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on Sunday!!

Yes, it's a ridiculously busy week. Lots of packing, address changing, and tying up loose ends. Kallie's parents are coming down this weekend to help with the move and painting. And with David's family all pitching in, we should have a good lot of people to help make the moving process relatively easy! (PS - this is the first time Kallie has ever used a UHaul!! Hah! We'r happy to have her dad come down to tell us how to load up the truck correctly!!) Saturday, we're going to head to Lakeland and paint the walls and take a car load or two of stuff. Then Sunday is the big move. And we're happy that David gets Monday off so we can get settled into our new home together.

The Office finale was slightly disappointing, but we had a lovely time at Matt and Rachel's house to watch it.

We took it pretty easy this weekend. We saw Narnia Friday night. Loved it.

On Saturday we ran a couple of errands before heading to Sarasota for a few hours. Kallie's childhood friend, Katie Gemmer, just finished up at New College and did an awesome Art Thesis Portfolio and Exhibition for her final project. We really liked the pieces and wanted to buy one, so we headed to her home in Sarasota. It's absolutely beautiful down there. The "palaces" on New College campus are unreal and the water is beautiful. We bought this piece and are excited to have it in our home. After chatting a bit, Katie took us to her studio at the school and showed us the huge painted pieces. They're awesome and enormous. One day maybe we can pick up one of those, too!

We watched the Nanny Diaries that night. It was good, but not the best.

Sunday was our last time at Relevant Church. They're doing a series right now that's focused on the 80's, and it's pretty funny. The stage set-ups are always fantastic. And the sermon was good - about being spiritually obese, anorexic, or bulimic. Good stuff.

Kallie finally got David to watch Moulin Rouge that night. Yes, it has a higher Rotten Tomato score than Batman (1989). That's right. He liked it.

Today, Kallie's new Nikon D300 should arrive! Woohoo! She apologizes for the lack of photography lately. Things have been kind of crazy. But we're off to Denver on June 4th and then Keith and Sav's wedding is June 14th, so the photos will abound very soon.

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More than meets the I said...

Well I'm going to miss your Relevant posts from time to time.

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