Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Story.

About seven weeks ago...

haha, I won't go into that much detail.

But after several months of talking and planning (as much as you can), we decided to try to have a baby.

Kallie took a preggo test too early, so we thought it didn't work. We were trying to get into the mind frame that this might take a while - who knows - and that we'd be fine either way. But we thought we didn't get lucky this month (April). So we went about our business and went to Tallahassee to visit Kallie's parents, and Kallie's period was being super duper late.


On Saturday the 26th of April, in Tallahassee, right before we were about to head out to dinner with the parents, Kallie pulled David into the bathroom and said she just needed to take one more test this month. She was getting antsy. And less than a minute later, we stared in shock! I mean, even if you're trying, I don't think you're ever un-shockable by a positive pregnancy test. And we had already seen a negative one for the same month, so we were shocked. We freaked out a bit and didn't know how to react...but we were super happy. We walked out of the bathroom, where my parents were starting to get annoyed that we were taking so long. "Guys, we have some big news. I'm pregnant!" Dad: "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" "Yes." "I KNEW IT!" And happiness, some tears, and lots of hugs ensued. Apparently, my father wanted us to get preggers on our honeymoon, little did I know. HAHA!! What a teddy bear! Mom instantly got out her old pregnancy stuff from 1984. And so David called his parents and sisters and we went to dinner, where David was very quiet and Kallie couldn't stop fidgeting/shaking. It was ridiculous. (And Kallie's mom took her and bought her first maternity shirt the next day!)


When we got back to town, Kallie contacted Diane Horn, who interned at the BCM at UF while we were there. She and her hubby, Bill, and their one year old have lived in Lakeland for at least two years, so we knew that would be a good starting point to find a doctor. We made an appointment with Diane's obgyn, Dr. Mammel, and tried to patiently let the three weeks pass until our first prenatal visit. In the meantime, I upped my Folic Acid intake, painted our coffee table white, took care of the lovely 6 month old Harper in Lakeland (this non-babysitting gal needs some practice!!), and was able to kind of celebrate Mother's Day for the first time. :) Oh, and not to mention, I had to skip mentioning anything about it on our blog, we decided, until the doc's appointment - that wasn't easy!! If you go back, you may notice some subtle hints, haha.

May 1st - to compare, I guess.

Yesterday, Tuesday May 20th, we finally got to go to Watson Clinic in Lakeland, where Dr. Mammel has worked since 1989. We met with a financial counselor first, and were nearly blown away with how pleased we were at the cost and what Kallie's insurance would cover. Unfortunately, these numbers didn't include the hospital bill, but we'll be contacting them in the next few days and can hopefully get some good deals by paying up-front, etc. We got a lot of free goodies and stuff to read. And the lady we spoke with was lovely, and we won't hesitate to contact her if we ever have any questions.

Then we headed to the fifth floor and checked in for Dr. Mammel. The glass walls give an impressive view, so the waiting room is a nice place to be. Even still, we thankfully weren't there long at all. The nurse was nice and asked some fun questions. Then Dr. Mammel came in and we LOVE him. He has a great personality and he's older, so that makes Kallie feel more comfortable, hah. We talked about some basics and then David got to be there for "lovely lady exams", which was funny and kind of nice. And we laughed about how Kallie got the 3XL robe to put on, not realizing there are different sizes, haha! Than came the sonogram, which was the coolest thing ever!! Dr. Mammel looked at it for about the longest minute ever before he showed the screen to us. We saw the heart flickering like mad in this small sack of baby and amniotic fluid. The sonogram photo just looks like a blob, but on the screen you could distinctly see the heart and tell where the embryo was, compared to the rest. We had the biggest smiles. After sizing our little animal a couple of times, Dr. Mammel decided that our baby is about a week younger than we thought - at 7 weeks, instead of 8. That means baby's due date changed from January 1st, 2009 to January 6th, 2009 - the exact day of our 2 year wedding anniversary! We're just happy that it's getting away from Christmastime. And we'll keep our fingers crossed that the typical "first pregnancies usually deliver after the due date" holds true, for baby's birthday sake. We got some more free stuff and Kallie got a prescription for CHEWABLE prenatal vitamins, of course - they don't have samples of chewables unfortunately, haha! - and we left.

(PS: 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This rate decreases as you progress week to week. If you can see/hear the baby's heartbeat at your first visit (normally at 8 weeks), then your chances of miscarriage drop dramatically. But they don't get to the lowest point until you hit 12 weeks. They tell you to keep it a secret until the 12th week rolls around, but that's just not how we operate, hah. We know there's still a risk, and we know everyone will be there to support us if that happens. But that heartbeat is too special to not tell everyone, whatever happens.)

Then we went to the lab. Kallie gave SEVEN VILES OF BLOOD. And she didn't feel faint or weak - sweet! That's probably because your blood volume increases when you get pregnant (I'll have 5 extra Liters by January), so my body isn't used to the extra blood anyway! Even still, she did not enjoy the needle being shoved into her arm. And then it was a pee test - which Kallie has in excess these days. Don't get weirded out when she leaves a dinner table five times to pee. Just be lucky it isn't you - waking up every single night is a total bummer.

Then we went and ate at Panera. And that's that! We'll be back to see Dr. Mammel every 4 weeks for a while, then every 2, then every week. So we'll have lots of updates and fun stuff to talk about!

Ultrasound1-Week7-May 20_02.jpg

We're definitely still moving this weekend, so Kallie needs to stop writing this and get to packing!! We're so thankful for all of your and all of your prayers and support. We're super happy to share this time with everyone...and we're just super happy!! Be praying that "Baby Butter Bean" (as my mother calls it) will stay healthy and strong and that the new mommy won't get sickly!

Love, d&k.


Clifton said...

So exciting to see pictures of 'baby butter bean'/your little animal! Hope moving goes great and I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Thabks so much for the update! I am so excited for you all! Can't wait to get back to Lakeland and see your new apt. And cank't wait for us to start our walks, ha! Hope all is well and don't wear yourself out this weekendm love ya and talk to you soon! Oh, and harper says hi! Shelley

Chuck said...

David & Kallie,

Congratulations on the news of your baby. We are very happy for you.

Kat is trying to find addresses for writing thank you notes, and cannot find yours. If you would be so kind, please send your home mailing address to Kat at...

Thank you,
Chuck & Kat Shanks

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