Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the sweetest morning

Kallie woke up pretty groggy this morning. She opened the door to turn the air up (warmer), like she does every morning. But today, something bright on the door caught her eye. It was a note that was numbered and had a lovely sentence about something David loves about Kallie. Since it was number 20, groggy Kallie realized she was on a hunt. With squinty eyes and not much balance, she scoured the house and found all but one of 25 pieces. David kindly gave her a suggestion via email, so she found the last one. What a wonderful morning!

Still haven't really started packing boxes. Will start today.

Monday when David got home from work, we headed over to Cheesecake Factory in Tampa to celebrate Logan's Cinco de Mayo birthday. We had a lovely time. Kallie got a salad that will last for three meals. David ate all of his yummy pulled pork sandwich. Afterwards, we went to Rachel and Matt's house and hung out for a bit and played Catch Phrase. We had a great time, as always!

Yesterday, Kallie went to Lakeland around 11. Shelley took her to lunch and then Kallie watched Harper while Shelley went to study for her Thursday test for a few hours. Harper is the best baby. Seriously. She's very mild-tempered and sweet and loves to smile. She plays anywhere and can be content just looking around. We love Miss Harper. Kallie followed David back to Brandon after work. That evening, Kallie painted one last coat of white spray paint on our coffee table over at David's dad's house. Then to Publix. We'll have photos of the table soon.

love, d&k

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Alisa Kelleen said...

way to go bucky. what a nice ,orning for your lovely wife. :)

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