Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Usual

Not much going on. Kallie has been packing up our apartment bit by bit. She has starting changing our address on a gagillion things, but has to wait until next week on a lot of them.

Last night, we went to David's dad's house and watered his plants and went for a swim. We had a really good time until David bonked his head really hard on the bottom of the pool - yes, there was a bit of blood. He has a big knot now, but is otherwise okay.

On the way to Larry's house, some killer geese sparred with our car on the street. They're nasty mean birds! It was pretty hilarious, though. Kallie took photos on her little Casio, but doesn't feel like uploading them. Oh well.

Tonight is The Office finale. Sweet.

In other, terrible, news, the pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist (where we went to church when we first moved to Brandon and where Larry goes) and one of his sons died this past week. Pastor Pollock and his son were on his private plane from North Carolina to Texas and the plane crashed. They are survived by his wife and their five other children. Since Larry, Louise, and Catherine are overseas right now, we don't know if they know about it yet, but we know Larry will be greatly grieved (and we know he'll be terribly upset that he's not here at this time, and will miss the funeral). Please pray for the Pollock family, for Bell Shoals, and for Larry and all of the other families greatly touched by Pastor Pollock and his vibrant personality and solid teachings.

much love,

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