Monday, June 30, 2008


Kallie bought a month of Skype today. If you call one of us and we're home, the call will probably drop. We'll call you back on Skype, so pick up when it's an unknown number. We also might just not pick up when you call and then call you back. Just FYI.

Our dentist appointments went well, however extremely loooong. Apparently Kallie was supposed to get a note or something from her doctor to bring. Didn't know we needed to tell the doc we were headed to the dentist, so oh well. No Xrays for Kallie, which is good anyway. Neither of us have cavities. Both of us wanted to cry in pain when the teeth-cleaning lady killed our gums with floss. We've never been to a dentist that was so tough with the flossing. Ow. We'll never live up to her standards.

Saturday night was an excellent night. David's mom had bought tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, but realized later that they had a previous engagement. We benefited greatly!! She had the tickets put in our name, so we got all gussied up and went to Outback for dinner and then drove to Tampa to watch the show. We had a great time. Ted Neeley was great. He played Jesus in the movie, in which he was nominated for an Oscar, so it was a treat to see him perform. Our favorite actor was Corey Glover from the band Living Colour. He played Judas and had a wonderful voice. Great night.

Saturday we headed to Auburndale to hang out with Katie at her parents' new home. It was so nice to spend some time with Katie and her fam. Then we drove out to Brandon to have a belated Father's Day dinner with David's dad and Louise. We went to the new Sinigual restaurant. It was amazing. They make guacamole at your table and it's the best we've ever tasted. We're buying the ingredients at Publix tonight. Delicious. We had a good time.

Sunday we went to Lakeland Fellowship Church and then headed home for lunch. Kallie made her usual omelet, which David has never ventured to try. He loved it! And Kallie is all smiles. That afternoon, we went to see the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie. It was a great shoot-em-up movie. We thought the role of the loom was dumb and ridiculous, but otherwise, a good flick.

Kallie has worked on photos all day. Her back hurts. She's retiring to the sofa.

Love, d&k.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Bucky Countdown

We've added a little widget to the right side of the blog. It seems like one of the better ones out there. Most make the baby look like a dinosaur. Here it is, if you use Reader and don't click directly to our page:

If you click on "# days to go" a few times, you'll get some different countdowns, which is really neat. 12 weeks and 2 days along.

love, d&k

PS: Good marketing and consumer relations: BeBe au Lait commenting on our blog two posts ago. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horray for Lili!!

Liliana (child of Tommie and Alisa in Denver) crawled today and I just had to share this adorable video:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our phones are awful. We get absolutely terrible reception at our apartment, even when we walk outside. David says that the radio freaks out right before pulling into the complex. Hopefully we're not radioactive. But please, stick to emailing us. We get so frustrated, we'd rather just skip the phones and stick to emails. Sorry if we sounds annoyed on the phone - it's not you, it's the phone company.

Highlights from the past several days:
Kallie finally bought her prenatal vitamins - chewables cost a butt load.
We finally had all of our nice clothes that have been bunched in a pile dry cleaned.
Kallie had a photoshoot in Ellenton of the Kelly family. She took their photos a few months ago while Debbi was pregnant. Roman is now 6 weeks old and darling. Those will be posted soon.
After the photoshoot, we hung out at David's mom's house with mom and Hank for a few hours.
We saw Get Smart on Sunday after church and Panera. That evening, Kallie walked the 3 mile lake while David ran it twice.
Kallie has been working on wedding and newborn photos like crazy. Be patient, sneak peaks will come soon.
Shelley and Harper came and went swimming with Kallie this afternoon.
Kallie is experiencing pregnancy heartburn like crazy. She hates the progesterone and what it does to the valve between her stomach and esophagus.
We learned that along with the crib and changing table from Kallie's aunt, we're also getting a stroller, toys, etc!!!! This is freaking awesome. Also, Debbi Kelly (from the photoshoot) is giving Kallie her maternity clothing, including a BellaBand (which Kallie just ordered and will now return) and a beautiful BeBe au Lait nursing cover (which Kallie was going to register for). People are really too kind and generous and we are so thankful.

Tomorrow: Dentist appointments, 10am.

Love, d&k.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second Doctor Appointment!!!

Okay, so we know we're terribly behind on catching you up on the past month! We're finally getting caught up, but Kallie needs to work on Keith and Sav's wedding photos before she finishes up her Denver photos, so you'll just have to wait. Last weekend was fantastic. Kallie did a good job holding up throughout the wedding and didn't get too terribly exhausted. And we had the best time seeing friends and hanging out with Kallie's mom and dad. We saw where Kallie's dad lived when he came back from Europe, after college, and ate at a nice seafood joint near the water. It was great. We enjoyed celebrating Father's Day with two dad's - Kallie's and Baby's (that would be David).

Now on to our doctor visit:

Kallie has gained a little under two pounds from the last visit. Her blood test results from the last exam came up normal/negative. No Rh problems, no STDs, haha, etc etc. Her blood type is A+, which we didn't know. Blood pressure was 110/68 last time, 106/70 now. Doing great!

The best part: We heard the heart beat!!! It was so awesome! I really liked it because we heard my heart beat and then the baby's, so we could really tell the difference. Right when the nurse put the machine on my belly, she heard the baby for a second and then lost it. It took a few minutes to land on the heart beat for longer than a second or two (David thinks our baby is already stubborn!!), but when she found a good spot, it was awesome and so so loud.

Dr. Mammel also measured the "height of fundus". I don't remember what it was (the number, that is), because he had David come over and feel my uterus (haha), but it was normal - so that means it's not too big (I'm not having twins, thank goodness) - and not too small (meaning there could be potential problems). Great!

The next visit is July 22nd, the day before David's birthday!! I'll be doing another blood test. This time it's to screen for possible abnormalities and see if I'll need further testing. The following visit, in August, will be for my 20th week, which means we'll have an ultrasound and we'll hopefully get to find out the sex of the baby!! Woohoo!!

After the appointment, we picked up a two year old boy named Connor from day care, took him to his home, and hung out for a couple of hours until his dad came home. We're doing it again tomorrow. Let's just say we'll be happy to not have a two-year-old from the get-go. A non-talker, non-roller, non-walker will be much better for the beginning. ;)

Much love,

Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost Calm

Ok, sorry about the lack of posting!

We got back from our wonderful holiday to Denver late Tuesday.

David has worked two and a half days.

Kallie has done laundry, bills, and camera stuff.

Now we are repacking and heading to Jacksonville for the weekend in a few hours.

Rehearsal dinner tonight.

Kallie is photographing Keith and Sav's wedding on Saturday (2pm wedding) and David will be there to help her along the way, and keep her hydrated and fed.

Dinner that night with Kallie's parents, who will be at the wedding.

Hanging out with Kallie's parents Sunday for father's day.

David also gets to celebrate!

Then back home that evening.

Our second doctor's appointment is next Wednesday. We can't believe it has already been (almost) four weeks since our first visit! Baby seems to be doing quite well and mommy hasn't been sick since two Sundays ago, thank goodness. Keep praying for healthy growth!!

And we're Super Stoked about getting a beautiful crib (shown with the conversion kit as a toddler bed) and changing table from Kallie's aunt!! Her little girl used them for a year and now they're moving and being so gracious to pass these pieces on to us! We can't wait to have everything set up in the nursery! Crazy!!
Oh, and Kallie realized that the change of address postcards we sent/are sending out are a little wrong: our address is "Loop", not "Drive". Apparently, the post still comes to our box when using "Drive", so that's good. But please make the change. :)

Off to iron/pack/make sure we have all of the camera gear we could possibly need!!

Much love (and a full post on our amazing Denver trip later),

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Kallie hasn't been sick since Sunday. Horray! Keep your fingers crossed!

Katie came to visit, which was amazing. We love her so.

We're all packed and the apartment is ready for us to depart. We're giddy about getting on an airplane tomorrow and flying to Denver. We love flying. And we love Alisa and Tommie and mountains and babies and great times!! So we're off, flying at 12:15 tomorrow afternoon. Say a prayer for the plane and the pilot! Have a great week!

Love, d&k.

Monday, June 2, 2008

scared to eat food...just want to sleep

Uh oh. Apparently week 9 is the start of some terrible things.

Clifton, David, and I were at church, sitting through the sermon just fine, though I was rather sleepy. Towards the end, right before the invitation, I started getting sweaty and my skin got tingly. I whispered to David that I have to go and got up and started to walk out. Right as I was about to reach the doors, I hear the pastor say, "don't get up. Don't leave." Haha. Oh well. He doesn't know I'm pregnant. I made it to the bathroom just in time and chose a back stall, hoping no one would come close. And then I had my first pregnancy puke. Ugh. Thankfully it was pretty tame and I felt perfectly fine right after. Then the day went on and I was exhausted, so I sat on the sofa and dozed off to Pirates of the Caribbean on tv while Clifton and David play some pool and eventually watched the movie with me. That night, David and I started watching Roman Holiday (love Audrey and Netflix). A little over half an hour in, I couldn't take it any more. I was too tired and my head started hurting. Then..uh the toilet I went. This one was less tame than the morning. And David was a little freaked out, being as it's the first time he's been around me puking. And so now I just want to sleep so I don't have to worry about the vomit and I don't want to eat anything that might trigger it. Thankfully, I still don't feel nauseas. I mean, obviously I can tell right before it happens, but it's not a lingering feeling. So that's good.

What's not at all good is that we're flying to Denver in two days and staying for a week. Hopefully this won't be a regular twice-a-day thing. Be praying!!!

The weekend:
Shelley and Harper came over Friday to chat and see the place. Kallie freaked out about how un-childproofed our home is. Thankfully we have over a year until we have to really get down to business with that. Harper is crawling around like crazy - it's so awesome and scary!!! Clifton showed up a few minutes after Shelley left. Then David got home and we all headed into Tampa to go to the Mahaffey's home. We have BBQ and yummy food and got to hang out with friends and family. Then David, Kallie, Matt, and Rachel got in the chilly pool and played some ping-pong-style volleyball. It was a great time. Logan leaves for Europe tomorrow.
Mahaffey Party May 30th_01.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_02.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_03.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_06.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_09.jpg

We showed Clifton around Lakeland on Saturday and found a lot of new places ourselves. We're excited about a lot of the restaurants around here. After getting home and changing, we left just in time to make it to Traci Campbell's wedding in Palma Ceia (Tampa) at 5:30. (Clifton headed to hang out with Dusty for the evening.) We had a really good time and David got to see all of his old friends. But Kallie was exhausted from the long day and wearing heels, so we left at 10:30 and got to bed at midnight.

Kallie was still exhausted on Sunday from Saturday night, and then the first story at church happened this day. The best part is that right after Kallie threw up and the boys got out of church, we saw David's boss, the Pres of the FBCH, and Kallie met them for the first time. Thankfully she was feeling okay and had gum. They're lovely people. After church, we drove around and got food for five at Smokey Bones and brought it home. David's mom and Hank came over before they went to a wedding in Lakeland and we ate lunch and hung out.
New Home June 1 2008_01.jpg
New Home June 1 2008_02.jpg
New Home June 1 2008_03.jpg
New Home June 1 2008_04.jpg

We're so excited to go to Denver. It's so close, we can almost taste it!!


PS: Sorry the pictures are cut off on the right side. I'm going to try to work on the coding to make the posts a little wider. Until then, click on the photo to see the whole thing!
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