Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost Calm

Ok, sorry about the lack of posting!

We got back from our wonderful holiday to Denver late Tuesday.

David has worked two and a half days.

Kallie has done laundry, bills, and camera stuff.

Now we are repacking and heading to Jacksonville for the weekend in a few hours.

Rehearsal dinner tonight.

Kallie is photographing Keith and Sav's wedding on Saturday (2pm wedding) and David will be there to help her along the way, and keep her hydrated and fed.

Dinner that night with Kallie's parents, who will be at the wedding.

Hanging out with Kallie's parents Sunday for father's day.

David also gets to celebrate!

Then back home that evening.

Our second doctor's appointment is next Wednesday. We can't believe it has already been (almost) four weeks since our first visit! Baby seems to be doing quite well and mommy hasn't been sick since two Sundays ago, thank goodness. Keep praying for healthy growth!!

And we're Super Stoked about getting a beautiful crib (shown with the conversion kit as a toddler bed) and changing table from Kallie's aunt!! Her little girl used them for a year and now they're moving and being so gracious to pass these pieces on to us! We can't wait to have everything set up in the nursery! Crazy!!
Oh, and Kallie realized that the change of address postcards we sent/are sending out are a little wrong: our address is "Loop", not "Drive". Apparently, the post still comes to our box when using "Drive", so that's good. But please make the change. :)

Off to iron/pack/make sure we have all of the camera gear we could possibly need!!

Much love (and a full post on our amazing Denver trip later),

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