Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Bucky Countdown

We've added a little widget to the right side of the blog. It seems like one of the better ones out there. Most make the baby look like a dinosaur. Here it is, if you use Reader and don't click directly to our page:

If you click on "# days to go" a few times, you'll get some different countdowns, which is really neat. 12 weeks and 2 days along.

love, d&k

PS: Good marketing and consumer relations: BeBe au Lait commenting on our blog two posts ago. Pretty cool.


tommie said...

Your widget makes me wish i could tap my screen to make it do something... like at the pet store. is that weird?

Sheena said...

I always loved having a ticker. It made me feel like I was really looking at their development. But those numbers can really freak you out as you realize how quickly it's going. :-D

monicagtr said...

Oh my GOSH that is so cool. I believe I didn't get to tell you my comment to Webster at the wedding: "I can't wait to see a Buck expression on a Kallie face." :-) In all love, Webster said you'd be amused. I'm excited for you, whooo!!!

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