Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our phones are awful. We get absolutely terrible reception at our apartment, even when we walk outside. David says that the radio freaks out right before pulling into the complex. Hopefully we're not radioactive. But please, stick to emailing us. We get so frustrated, we'd rather just skip the phones and stick to emails. Sorry if we sounds annoyed on the phone - it's not you, it's the phone company.

Highlights from the past several days:
Kallie finally bought her prenatal vitamins - chewables cost a butt load.
We finally had all of our nice clothes that have been bunched in a pile dry cleaned.
Kallie had a photoshoot in Ellenton of the Kelly family. She took their photos a few months ago while Debbi was pregnant. Roman is now 6 weeks old and darling. Those will be posted soon.
After the photoshoot, we hung out at David's mom's house with mom and Hank for a few hours.
We saw Get Smart on Sunday after church and Panera. That evening, Kallie walked the 3 mile lake while David ran it twice.
Kallie has been working on wedding and newborn photos like crazy. Be patient, sneak peaks will come soon.
Shelley and Harper came and went swimming with Kallie this afternoon.
Kallie is experiencing pregnancy heartburn like crazy. She hates the progesterone and what it does to the valve between her stomach and esophagus.
We learned that along with the crib and changing table from Kallie's aunt, we're also getting a stroller, toys, etc!!!! This is freaking awesome. Also, Debbi Kelly (from the photoshoot) is giving Kallie her maternity clothing, including a BellaBand (which Kallie just ordered and will now return) and a beautiful BeBe au Lait nursing cover (which Kallie was going to register for). People are really too kind and generous and we are so thankful.

Tomorrow: Dentist appointments, 10am.

Love, d&k.

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Bebe au Lait said...

Hey D&K, thanks for the mention of the Bebe au Lait nursing cover in your blog post! We are sure that you'll love it. Good luck on the adventure before you. All of us at Bebe au Lait wish you the best!

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