Monday, June 2, 2008

scared to eat food...just want to sleep

Uh oh. Apparently week 9 is the start of some terrible things.

Clifton, David, and I were at church, sitting through the sermon just fine, though I was rather sleepy. Towards the end, right before the invitation, I started getting sweaty and my skin got tingly. I whispered to David that I have to go and got up and started to walk out. Right as I was about to reach the doors, I hear the pastor say, "don't get up. Don't leave." Haha. Oh well. He doesn't know I'm pregnant. I made it to the bathroom just in time and chose a back stall, hoping no one would come close. And then I had my first pregnancy puke. Ugh. Thankfully it was pretty tame and I felt perfectly fine right after. Then the day went on and I was exhausted, so I sat on the sofa and dozed off to Pirates of the Caribbean on tv while Clifton and David play some pool and eventually watched the movie with me. That night, David and I started watching Roman Holiday (love Audrey and Netflix). A little over half an hour in, I couldn't take it any more. I was too tired and my head started hurting. Then..uh the toilet I went. This one was less tame than the morning. And David was a little freaked out, being as it's the first time he's been around me puking. And so now I just want to sleep so I don't have to worry about the vomit and I don't want to eat anything that might trigger it. Thankfully, I still don't feel nauseas. I mean, obviously I can tell right before it happens, but it's not a lingering feeling. So that's good.

What's not at all good is that we're flying to Denver in two days and staying for a week. Hopefully this won't be a regular twice-a-day thing. Be praying!!!

The weekend:
Shelley and Harper came over Friday to chat and see the place. Kallie freaked out about how un-childproofed our home is. Thankfully we have over a year until we have to really get down to business with that. Harper is crawling around like crazy - it's so awesome and scary!!! Clifton showed up a few minutes after Shelley left. Then David got home and we all headed into Tampa to go to the Mahaffey's home. We have BBQ and yummy food and got to hang out with friends and family. Then David, Kallie, Matt, and Rachel got in the chilly pool and played some ping-pong-style volleyball. It was a great time. Logan leaves for Europe tomorrow.
Mahaffey Party May 30th_01.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_02.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_03.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_06.jpg
Mahaffey Party May 30th_09.jpg

We showed Clifton around Lakeland on Saturday and found a lot of new places ourselves. We're excited about a lot of the restaurants around here. After getting home and changing, we left just in time to make it to Traci Campbell's wedding in Palma Ceia (Tampa) at 5:30. (Clifton headed to hang out with Dusty for the evening.) We had a really good time and David got to see all of his old friends. But Kallie was exhausted from the long day and wearing heels, so we left at 10:30 and got to bed at midnight.

Kallie was still exhausted on Sunday from Saturday night, and then the first story at church happened this day. The best part is that right after Kallie threw up and the boys got out of church, we saw David's boss, the Pres of the FBCH, and Kallie met them for the first time. Thankfully she was feeling okay and had gum. They're lovely people. After church, we drove around and got food for five at Smokey Bones and brought it home. David's mom and Hank came over before they went to a wedding in Lakeland and we ate lunch and hung out.
New Home June 1 2008_01.jpg
New Home June 1 2008_02.jpg
New Home June 1 2008_03.jpg
New Home June 1 2008_04.jpg

We're so excited to go to Denver. It's so close, we can almost taste it!!


PS: Sorry the pictures are cut off on the right side. I'm going to try to work on the coding to make the posts a little wider. Until then, click on the photo to see the whole thing!


tommie said...

Three things:

1. There's no puking allowed at our house so get it all out before you come.

2. I WANT that Sonny's shirt. Also, if there's any way of smuggling a Big Deal Pulled Pork meal with a sweet potato and some sweet tea on the plane, that would be great.

3. What is Buck doing with an LSU shirt on? Of all seasons not to wear it after. I didn't even go to UF and I'm ashamed. Just saying

-can't wait til you guys get here.

David Buckmaster said...

1. Then I'll try to keep the boozing to a minimum.

2. It took me 3 years of haggling with Adam Langston to get that shirt! And its got my favorite number on the back. That shirt IS David Buckmaster. I don't know if you could handle that kind of pressure.

3. Don't really have an excuse for that one. A cheerleader named Rusty gave it to me, which probably makes things worse. LSU is on the other side of the conference if that helps.

- get your silver colored trophy polish ready. Disc golf, Madden/Halo, it doesn't matter. I'm packing my A game.

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