Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second Doctor Appointment!!!

Okay, so we know we're terribly behind on catching you up on the past month! We're finally getting caught up, but Kallie needs to work on Keith and Sav's wedding photos before she finishes up her Denver photos, so you'll just have to wait. Last weekend was fantastic. Kallie did a good job holding up throughout the wedding and didn't get too terribly exhausted. And we had the best time seeing friends and hanging out with Kallie's mom and dad. We saw where Kallie's dad lived when he came back from Europe, after college, and ate at a nice seafood joint near the water. It was great. We enjoyed celebrating Father's Day with two dad's - Kallie's and Baby's (that would be David).

Now on to our doctor visit:

Kallie has gained a little under two pounds from the last visit. Her blood test results from the last exam came up normal/negative. No Rh problems, no STDs, haha, etc etc. Her blood type is A+, which we didn't know. Blood pressure was 110/68 last time, 106/70 now. Doing great!

The best part: We heard the heart beat!!! It was so awesome! I really liked it because we heard my heart beat and then the baby's, so we could really tell the difference. Right when the nurse put the machine on my belly, she heard the baby for a second and then lost it. It took a few minutes to land on the heart beat for longer than a second or two (David thinks our baby is already stubborn!!), but when she found a good spot, it was awesome and so so loud.

Dr. Mammel also measured the "height of fundus". I don't remember what it was (the number, that is), because he had David come over and feel my uterus (haha), but it was normal - so that means it's not too big (I'm not having twins, thank goodness) - and not too small (meaning there could be potential problems). Great!

The next visit is July 22nd, the day before David's birthday!! I'll be doing another blood test. This time it's to screen for possible abnormalities and see if I'll need further testing. The following visit, in August, will be for my 20th week, which means we'll have an ultrasound and we'll hopefully get to find out the sex of the baby!! Woohoo!!

After the appointment, we picked up a two year old boy named Connor from day care, took him to his home, and hung out for a couple of hours until his dad came home. We're doing it again tomorrow. Let's just say we'll be happy to not have a two-year-old from the get-go. A non-talker, non-roller, non-walker will be much better for the beginning. ;)

Much love,


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Hooray! So exciting!!! I'm glad all is well. I can't wait for you guys to find out the gender!

Andrea said...

How cool to see Connor get a mention on your blog! I just got home & can't wait to get pick him up. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my little man!

Check out the Shirey Family:

mattandrachelhires said...

We miss you guys, I wish I could be in on all of the excitement! Please please please let us hang with you guys in July!

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