Tuesday, July 29, 2008

17 weeks.

Loving maternity clothes from Debbi! I think these pants will be a staple.

Kallie has been doing extensive cloth diaper research the past two weeks. She finally sat down today and went through all of the info to make some final decisions. We'll see what happens!

And the biggest part of the day: David made his final decision as to what he'll be buying with his birthday money, since a bike is still a little too far-fetched. A Wii!! And so he did some Lakeland research on his lunch break, drove down to Mulberry after work, and we are now the proud owners of our first video game system as a family. Hah! We're excited about wasting some time trying to beat each other at interactive games. Love it! If you have the urge to buy us a Wii Fit, please feel free!

David just called and is on his way home from Mulberry - Wii and goodies in hand! Woot! We're headed to Palace Pizza when he gets home to do it like real gamers - pizza and video games, right!??

Off to play!
love, d&k

Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Bee

David had a great birthday week!

On the 23rd, we headed to Brandon after work and gave Keith and Sav their wedding package. Then we headed to the Original Beef O'Brady's to have dinner with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine. We ate too much.

Thursday, we got the visor in David's car fixed.

Friday, we decided last minute to head to Orlando for the evening so David could do some birthday shopping. We wore ourselves out, going to Millenia, Ikea, and an outlet mall. We got to bed at 11:30.

Woke up at 7am. Were on the road by 8 to drive two hours to Beverly Hills/ Hernando, Florida. Ashley and Josh's wedding was absolutely lovely and we loved working with their families. It was also fantastic to see some old friends - shout out to Melissa and Eric!

We were home around 7:30, ate a snack, and watched SemiPro on the tube. Don't waste any of your money or time seeing this movie. It wasn't even funny.

Sunday was beautiful. We slept over 10 hours!! Leisurely got dressed and then Katie Webb came over from her parents' new home and we went to lunch at TGIFri's. It was really yummy and we had a great time. Kallie ran out of external hard drive memory, so we ran to Best Buy and bought 500GBs. Then we rushed home to change. We sadly said "goodbye" to our dearest Katalin and headed to Brandon. Our first stop was to the Kelly family's home to pick up a garbage bag FULL of maternity clothing! SO excited!!! And the kiddos gave us hugs when we got there - love it! The handsome tiny Roman was fast asleep in his rocker, all snuggled in a swaddling blanket. He's the cutest little boy. We had a nice visit before running off to David's dad's house. We all left and headed to TC Choy's Restaurant in Tampa. The entire family was there - David's parents, Beth, Josh, Megan, Morgan, Amy and Scott from NYC, Catherine - it was fantastic! We were able to congratulate Beth and Josh - who got ENGAGED this weekend!! Woohoo! And saw Amy and Scott for the first time since they've been in Florida. It was a really great time.

his mom's gift
card from Amy and Scott
our baby's first outfit
there's something else.
look at that smile!
"what? what's this?"
The clever ones
Josh, Morgan, Beth, and Megan
The newly engaged couple!
Love this one!
Hank, Morgan, Josh
with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine
They're pretty much equal.
It was delicious
Buddha bellies.
So glad they're down to visit!

Almost forgot to mention the presents. A Bucky tree face. Our baby's first outfit - and I love NY onesie and matching socks. And a non-iphone. Hah! You should have seen David's face! Amy did a great job. She totally fooled him.

Today things are back to normal - obscene amounts of laundry, tidying up for when Amy and Scott drop by with David's dad later today, and working on the photos. David is at work. A typical day.

Much love!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Browning Wedding is Live

Last night we were lucky enough to be heading into Brandon and dropped off Keith and Savannah's package!

The entire wedding album has now been released on my proofs page! You can click on the link in the previous sentence, or go to www.kalliebrynn.com and click under "proofs".


Love, k

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 16.


23 on the 23rd.

His dad is taking us to the original Beefs for dinner tonight - YUM!

Kallie's dad came and we had a lovely visit! We unloaded all of the goodies from Kallie's aunt out of the car, ate a delicious dinner at Macaroni Grill, came home to play some POKER - all three of us!!, and watched Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic - one of our new favorite shows. The show may or may not have lead to Kallie's father telling us some stories.... He left when David went to work the next morning.

Yesterday, David's sister AMY and her hubby, Scott, came into town. We're excited to see them! At 4:15, we had our 3rd visit to the OB and everything is going great! Kallie gained 3 pounds in the 5 weeks since our last visit, which makes 5 total. You're supposed to gain 2 to 5 pounds in your first trimester and then about a pound a week after that. Lookin good. The main thing is that our baby is exactly the size it should be right now!! We can definitely feel where the top of Kal's uterus is (aka where the baby is), so that's fun! It's growing, for sure!

We heard the beautiful heartbeat again! It was instant, unlike last time when the nurse had to kind of "dig around" for us to hear it loudly. It's super strong now! Oh, and Kallie had lower blood pressure than normal (it's usually low, but this time it was 98/64!), which we guess means she's not freaking out about anything!! Hah! The doc gave us some Prilosec OTC samples for heartburn and said that Tylenol, as prescribed, should be perfectly fine for headaches. Good stuff.

Then we were sent off to the lab and Kallie had blood taken for the second time. She didn't enjoy it, but David says she didn't make any faces when the needle went in, so she's tuff. That's right. Plus, it was hilarious listening to the guy sitting right behind Kallie. He was getting his blood taken for the first time and was totally freaked out!!! He was probably our age and made his mom stand beside him (though Kallie makes David come in the room, too...). When the needle went in, David said his eyes bugged out and he made this huge facial gesture (of pain). Kallie was lucky enough to be sitting right in front of him and basically felt his breath on her neck. He let out some interesting noises along with that face! HAHA! It was great!

In FOUR WEEKS, at week 20, we take in a blank VHS tape to record the ultrasound that will reveal the gender of our little baby. We can't freakin wait! Bring it on!

We came home, ate dinner, and BUILT THE CRIB!! It's so beautiful! The room is looking fantastic and we're super stoked! Kallie is about to go put up the infamous curtain rod. Haha. It has been disinfected.

Also, Keith and Sav's wedding book came in yesterday and it looks great!! We're dropping their package off before dinner tonight! Woohoo! We'll let you know when the photos are released!

So much love,

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Weeks.

Some of our life in the past two weeks:

July 7th, Kallie's GrandBob got married to the lovely Beverly. So cute!

We saw Matt Hires play at Park Ave CDs in Winter Park. It was so good to see him and Rachel! I'll upload a photo later.

Our dishwasher was fixed.

We went to Busch Gardens to see Jungala and had a lovely time. It was raining, but we were determined. The rain stopped once we arrived and the cloud coverage was a huge blessing. When the clouds cleared around 4:30, it was boiling hot. David got a Mel's hotdog and Kallie ate at Panera. Yum.

Sunday we walked/ran the big lake and then Access Church that night.

Kallie went on a walk with Shelley and got overheated towards the end.

Kallie went to a girls' night dinner at Mimi's Cafe with the ladies from Access and had a really nice time.

We watched the premier of Project Runway at our apt's gym's nursery - our cable was turned off.

Kallie worked super hard on her website - www.kalliebrynn.com.

We went to a lovely (and yummy) dinner at Keith and Savannah's house. We took brownies. And the Wii was played. (Kallie rules David in bowling. David rules Kallie in everything else.)

David's mom came and took us to lunch at GrillSmiths. Delicious and a nice time.

We saw Batman on opening night. LOVE the movie.

Saturday morning, we woke up at 6am. David ran a 5K.
Kallie napped. We drove to Tampa to go to FlugTag, but after waiting for a trolley for a little bit, realized it would be too hot for Kallie to handle. So we ran around town - International Mall, Target, Hyde Park. We bought our first BABY thing - a diaper bag!!! Sales are lovely! Then we hung out at David's mom's house before heading to Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffey's house for a delicious dinner. It was so nice to see Logan and Laura for the first time in a couple of months!!

Went to the pool Sunday, ran errands. Went to Orlando to see Shane Claiborne speak at Discovery Church. He on his Jesus for President tour. There were no chairs. Kallie's belly gets super uncomfortable when sitting on the floor for too long. There's not enough room in her belly to sit bent over! So we left at the intermission.

This evening, Kallie's dad arrives for a quick visit! He's looking around the state for an old Karmann Ghia to take back to Tallahassee to fix. He's also bringing us our CRIB, changing table, and other goodies from my aunt! Yippee! We're excited about the impromptu trip!

Tomorrow we go to the doctor! It has been 5 weeks since our last visit, so we're super ready to go! Though Kallie isn't so excited about giving blood.

And in case you're not paying attention, DAVID TURNS TWENTY-THREE on Wednesday, the TWENTY-THIRD!! Just a heads up.

Much love, d&k.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Horray for 500!

Picture 1.png

500 visits to my proofs website. Thanks everyone!

In other news, if you haven't checked out my website in a while, now would be a fantastic time! This past week, I made several changes to the photos layout and updated the site with new photoshoots and a new wedding!
Go there now!

love, k.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Two Months.

We have lived in our apartment two months.
We like the space.
Here is a running list of some things...

1. The only electrical outlet in the master bathroom didn't work.
2. The master bath exhaust fan would randomly work at first. Now it doesn't work at all.
3. Our dishwasher broke.
4. It took them two weeks to get one of our gate cards working (unnamed person in the front office just didn't feel like typing it into the system).
5. We don't pay for cable tv, but we pay for cable internet. Tuesday our cable shut off completely. No internet. Then two days later, we get a "try cable free for a month" flyer. Idiots shut off our cable not realizing we're paying for internet. Cable guy is supposed to come today. We'll see.
6. Our nursery bathroom toilet broke - as in water was coming out of the back at the floor, out of the bowl. Apparently the builders thought it was a good idea to put a massive piece of pvc into the toilet septic pipe. Our bathroom was a wreck yesterday while they worked on it. I'm still a little grossed out to go in there.
7. Here's the kicker!! You ready? They used the curtain rod that was leaning inside the nursery window to shove down into the toilet septic pipe. I walked in to check on things, and there it was, against the wall near the toilet, covered with a rusty orange watery substance. I didn't say anything at the time. I would have had it not been $1.50 from Ikea...but I kept me cool for the time being. They washed it and leaned it back against the wall. I'm spraying it down with antibacterial stuff in a minute. The rod, which was pristine, looks like it has been scraped against concrete in places now.

I have to say, I'm pretty amazed.

Needless to say, we're having a serious talk with the manager within the next few days.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roman's Birth Announcement

Debbi sent me Roman's Birth Announcement and I had to share it with you!
Romans Birth Announcement.jpg
The announcement was designed by http://lukecommasara.etsy.com. I'll be keeping them in mind at the start of the new year!!

love, k

Friday, July 11, 2008

Escape to Victory (1981)

The movie version: Michael Caine (aka Alfred in the new Batman movies), Sylvester Stallone, and Pele, as well as a bunch of other soccer legends like Bobby Moore. Best cast ever. They are prisoners in a Nazi labor camp and form a soccer team to take on the guards, who turn into the German National Team, for a match in Paris. The idea is for the Germans to show superiority over all of Europe. Very stereotypical sports movie ensues, and Sly makes the winning (well, tying) save at the end to stick it to the Nazis. Awesome.

The true life version: No Rambo, but lots of killing nonetheless. The Germans were beaten 5-1 by Dynamo Kiev. They were then tortured and killed. Read about "The Death Match" here. If only Sly would have been around...


Today is 7.11!!!

Go get a free slurpee at your local 7/11 gas station!


The Kelly Family.

The Kelly Family photos are all posted on my proofs page, so be sure to check them out!

Click here!

Love, k.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun in the sun.

Backing up about a week...

Last Wednesday, David's mom and Mrs. Mahaffey came to Lakeland to visit. After seeing our apartment, the three of us met David for a yummy lunch at Fish City Grille.

We took a belly photo that night:
Not much change from the last one, but apparently I'm supposed to "pop" any day now! As you can see on our counter, I'm at 14 weeks. At 16, people start feeling the baby wiggling around. Can't wait!

Thursday night Lakeland put on a fireworks show on the lake in downtown. At first, we thought we would just drive around really quick and catch a couple of kabooms. After seeing the huge crowd, we parked and got dessert at a good coffee shop, Black and Brew. Then we walked to the lake and walked around and walked around...yeah...the works were supposed to start at 9. They didn't go off until 9:45. Poor kids that were ready to go to bed!! Poor Kallie!! It was decent.

Friday we headed to Orlando to hang out with the lovely Ben and Amanda! We had a delicious lunch at Ben's house with his family and then headed to New Smyrna for a couple of hours. After taking showers back at Ben's and eating at Sweet Tomatoes, we went to Avalon, a huge subdivision east of Orlando. They had a fantastic fireworks show that started promptly at 9pm and lasted a good half hour. From where we were standing, you could see at least 8 other fireworks shows going on in the Orlando area. Beautiful!! We got home really late - for us.

Saturday morning was a little rough. Kallie had a headache from not sleeping well (stupid heartburn. At least I'm learning what foods to not eat!) But we put on the bathing suits and headed out to the pool with some books. It was scorching, but we grabbed the table under the roofed area and read and swam and watched trashy boys be trashy by the pool. That night, we headed to Lutz and David played ultimate frisbee with Clay and some other kids at Idlewild. Kallie tried to sit in the grass and read/watch, but it was super hot, so she went to a coffee shop nearby for a while. Then we headed back to Lakeland and got a yummy dinner at that other coffee shop, Black and Brew.

Sunday we went to Celebration (Disney's neighborhood) and saw Wall-E and really enjoyed it. Fun fun. That night, we went to church at Access and were super happy our expectations were met. We'll be going back. For sure.

Yesterday we worked hard and didn't appreciate a couple of "hiccups" throughout the day: Honda, the government, and at&t. But no big deal.

Workin hard today, too. Super happy that the Kelly family portraits are all done and pleased with the outcome. What a beautiful family!

We hope you had a lovely 4th as well.
Love, d&k

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kelly Family and Newborn Portraits

It was such a joy to shoot the Kelly family again! Their newest member, Roman, is adorable and just makes their family even more beautiful. Congratulations and I hope to see you again soon!

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