Tuesday, July 29, 2008

17 weeks.

Loving maternity clothes from Debbi! I think these pants will be a staple.

Kallie has been doing extensive cloth diaper research the past two weeks. She finally sat down today and went through all of the info to make some final decisions. We'll see what happens!

And the biggest part of the day: David made his final decision as to what he'll be buying with his birthday money, since a bike is still a little too far-fetched. A Wii!! And so he did some Lakeland research on his lunch break, drove down to Mulberry after work, and we are now the proud owners of our first video game system as a family. Hah! We're excited about wasting some time trying to beat each other at interactive games. Love it! If you have the urge to buy us a Wii Fit, please feel free!

David just called and is on his way home from Mulberry - Wii and goodies in hand! Woot! We're headed to Palace Pizza when he gets home to do it like real gamers - pizza and video games, right!??

Off to play!
love, d&k

1 comment:

Clifton said...

aww, a wii, like Buck :-)

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