Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Bee

David had a great birthday week!

On the 23rd, we headed to Brandon after work and gave Keith and Sav their wedding package. Then we headed to the Original Beef O'Brady's to have dinner with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine. We ate too much.

Thursday, we got the visor in David's car fixed.

Friday, we decided last minute to head to Orlando for the evening so David could do some birthday shopping. We wore ourselves out, going to Millenia, Ikea, and an outlet mall. We got to bed at 11:30.

Woke up at 7am. Were on the road by 8 to drive two hours to Beverly Hills/ Hernando, Florida. Ashley and Josh's wedding was absolutely lovely and we loved working with their families. It was also fantastic to see some old friends - shout out to Melissa and Eric!

We were home around 7:30, ate a snack, and watched SemiPro on the tube. Don't waste any of your money or time seeing this movie. It wasn't even funny.

Sunday was beautiful. We slept over 10 hours!! Leisurely got dressed and then Katie Webb came over from her parents' new home and we went to lunch at TGIFri's. It was really yummy and we had a great time. Kallie ran out of external hard drive memory, so we ran to Best Buy and bought 500GBs. Then we rushed home to change. We sadly said "goodbye" to our dearest Katalin and headed to Brandon. Our first stop was to the Kelly family's home to pick up a garbage bag FULL of maternity clothing! SO excited!!! And the kiddos gave us hugs when we got there - love it! The handsome tiny Roman was fast asleep in his rocker, all snuggled in a swaddling blanket. He's the cutest little boy. We had a nice visit before running off to David's dad's house. We all left and headed to TC Choy's Restaurant in Tampa. The entire family was there - David's parents, Beth, Josh, Megan, Morgan, Amy and Scott from NYC, Catherine - it was fantastic! We were able to congratulate Beth and Josh - who got ENGAGED this weekend!! Woohoo! And saw Amy and Scott for the first time since they've been in Florida. It was a really great time.

his mom's gift
card from Amy and Scott
our baby's first outfit
there's something else.
look at that smile!
"what? what's this?"
The clever ones
Josh, Morgan, Beth, and Megan
The newly engaged couple!
Love this one!
Hank, Morgan, Josh
with David's dad, Louise, and Catherine
They're pretty much equal.
It was delicious
Buddha bellies.
So glad they're down to visit!

Almost forgot to mention the presents. A Bucky tree face. Our baby's first outfit - and I love NY onesie and matching socks. And a non-iphone. Hah! You should have seen David's face! Amy did a great job. She totally fooled him.

Today things are back to normal - obscene amounts of laundry, tidying up for when Amy and Scott drop by with David's dad later today, and working on the photos. David is at work. A typical day.

Much love!


Clifton said...

ooo, Amy is mean. haha but SO funny! poor Bucky

tommie said...

that's one of those gags that's almost not funny. almost.

Amy and Scott said...

Only the best for you David. Only the best. ~Amy~

Anonymous said...

Kallie, I have that same exact dress. And by the way I'm very glad you updated the baby belly shot. I have been waiting to see it get a little bigger.
Miss you and can't wait to see you in like a week and a half!
Love you!

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

We shout back!

It was so very great to see you and hang out with you both. I can't even tell you how great it was.

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