Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun in the sun.

Backing up about a week...

Last Wednesday, David's mom and Mrs. Mahaffey came to Lakeland to visit. After seeing our apartment, the three of us met David for a yummy lunch at Fish City Grille.

We took a belly photo that night:
Not much change from the last one, but apparently I'm supposed to "pop" any day now! As you can see on our counter, I'm at 14 weeks. At 16, people start feeling the baby wiggling around. Can't wait!

Thursday night Lakeland put on a fireworks show on the lake in downtown. At first, we thought we would just drive around really quick and catch a couple of kabooms. After seeing the huge crowd, we parked and got dessert at a good coffee shop, Black and Brew. Then we walked to the lake and walked around and walked around...yeah...the works were supposed to start at 9. They didn't go off until 9:45. Poor kids that were ready to go to bed!! Poor Kallie!! It was decent.

Friday we headed to Orlando to hang out with the lovely Ben and Amanda! We had a delicious lunch at Ben's house with his family and then headed to New Smyrna for a couple of hours. After taking showers back at Ben's and eating at Sweet Tomatoes, we went to Avalon, a huge subdivision east of Orlando. They had a fantastic fireworks show that started promptly at 9pm and lasted a good half hour. From where we were standing, you could see at least 8 other fireworks shows going on in the Orlando area. Beautiful!! We got home really late - for us.

Saturday morning was a little rough. Kallie had a headache from not sleeping well (stupid heartburn. At least I'm learning what foods to not eat!) But we put on the bathing suits and headed out to the pool with some books. It was scorching, but we grabbed the table under the roofed area and read and swam and watched trashy boys be trashy by the pool. That night, we headed to Lutz and David played ultimate frisbee with Clay and some other kids at Idlewild. Kallie tried to sit in the grass and read/watch, but it was super hot, so she went to a coffee shop nearby for a while. Then we headed back to Lakeland and got a yummy dinner at that other coffee shop, Black and Brew.

Sunday we went to Celebration (Disney's neighborhood) and saw Wall-E and really enjoyed it. Fun fun. That night, we went to church at Access and were super happy our expectations were met. We'll be going back. For sure.

Yesterday we worked hard and didn't appreciate a couple of "hiccups" throughout the day: Honda, the government, and at&t. But no big deal.

Workin hard today, too. Super happy that the Kelly family portraits are all done and pleased with the outcome. What a beautiful family!

We hope you had a lovely 4th as well.
Love, d&k


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

You look so pretty in your preggie picture!

Your hair is just about back to brown, it looks really nice.

d & k Buckmaster said...

Thank you!

I would cut off my silly yellow tips, but I just want it to get long!! Haha. It'll be so much easier come January with those extra few inches. Maybe I'll get lucky and have a hair growth spurt soon!

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