Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Weeks.

Some of our life in the past two weeks:

July 7th, Kallie's GrandBob got married to the lovely Beverly. So cute!

We saw Matt Hires play at Park Ave CDs in Winter Park. It was so good to see him and Rachel! I'll upload a photo later.

Our dishwasher was fixed.

We went to Busch Gardens to see Jungala and had a lovely time. It was raining, but we were determined. The rain stopped once we arrived and the cloud coverage was a huge blessing. When the clouds cleared around 4:30, it was boiling hot. David got a Mel's hotdog and Kallie ate at Panera. Yum.

Sunday we walked/ran the big lake and then Access Church that night.

Kallie went on a walk with Shelley and got overheated towards the end.

Kallie went to a girls' night dinner at Mimi's Cafe with the ladies from Access and had a really nice time.

We watched the premier of Project Runway at our apt's gym's nursery - our cable was turned off.

Kallie worked super hard on her website -

We went to a lovely (and yummy) dinner at Keith and Savannah's house. We took brownies. And the Wii was played. (Kallie rules David in bowling. David rules Kallie in everything else.)

David's mom came and took us to lunch at GrillSmiths. Delicious and a nice time.

We saw Batman on opening night. LOVE the movie.

Saturday morning, we woke up at 6am. David ran a 5K.
Kallie napped. We drove to Tampa to go to FlugTag, but after waiting for a trolley for a little bit, realized it would be too hot for Kallie to handle. So we ran around town - International Mall, Target, Hyde Park. We bought our first BABY thing - a diaper bag!!! Sales are lovely! Then we hung out at David's mom's house before heading to Mr. and Mrs. Mahaffey's house for a delicious dinner. It was so nice to see Logan and Laura for the first time in a couple of months!!

Went to the pool Sunday, ran errands. Went to Orlando to see Shane Claiborne speak at Discovery Church. He on his Jesus for President tour. There were no chairs. Kallie's belly gets super uncomfortable when sitting on the floor for too long. There's not enough room in her belly to sit bent over! So we left at the intermission.

This evening, Kallie's dad arrives for a quick visit! He's looking around the state for an old Karmann Ghia to take back to Tallahassee to fix. He's also bringing us our CRIB, changing table, and other goodies from my aunt! Yippee! We're excited about the impromptu trip!

Tomorrow we go to the doctor! It has been 5 weeks since our last visit, so we're super ready to go! Though Kallie isn't so excited about giving blood.

And in case you're not paying attention, DAVID TURNS TWENTY-THREE on Wednesday, the TWENTY-THIRD!! Just a heads up.

Much love, d&k.


tommie said...

Buck- I want to know where those shorts were when you came up to Denver.

Anonymous said...

In your next blog put your most recent picture of Kallie's stomach. It would Be cool to see the progress.

d & k Buckmaster said...

I've been taking a photo a month. The last photo was three weeks ago. It's almost time. Not quite yet!

Anonymous said...

cool, can't wait!!

d & k Buckmaster said...

Who are you, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a stalker I can tell you that much...haha

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