Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 16.


23 on the 23rd.

His dad is taking us to the original Beefs for dinner tonight - YUM!

Kallie's dad came and we had a lovely visit! We unloaded all of the goodies from Kallie's aunt out of the car, ate a delicious dinner at Macaroni Grill, came home to play some POKER - all three of us!!, and watched Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic - one of our new favorite shows. The show may or may not have lead to Kallie's father telling us some stories.... He left when David went to work the next morning.

Yesterday, David's sister AMY and her hubby, Scott, came into town. We're excited to see them! At 4:15, we had our 3rd visit to the OB and everything is going great! Kallie gained 3 pounds in the 5 weeks since our last visit, which makes 5 total. You're supposed to gain 2 to 5 pounds in your first trimester and then about a pound a week after that. Lookin good. The main thing is that our baby is exactly the size it should be right now!! We can definitely feel where the top of Kal's uterus is (aka where the baby is), so that's fun! It's growing, for sure!

We heard the beautiful heartbeat again! It was instant, unlike last time when the nurse had to kind of "dig around" for us to hear it loudly. It's super strong now! Oh, and Kallie had lower blood pressure than normal (it's usually low, but this time it was 98/64!), which we guess means she's not freaking out about anything!! Hah! The doc gave us some Prilosec OTC samples for heartburn and said that Tylenol, as prescribed, should be perfectly fine for headaches. Good stuff.

Then we were sent off to the lab and Kallie had blood taken for the second time. She didn't enjoy it, but David says she didn't make any faces when the needle went in, so she's tuff. That's right. Plus, it was hilarious listening to the guy sitting right behind Kallie. He was getting his blood taken for the first time and was totally freaked out!!! He was probably our age and made his mom stand beside him (though Kallie makes David come in the room, too...). When the needle went in, David said his eyes bugged out and he made this huge facial gesture (of pain). Kallie was lucky enough to be sitting right in front of him and basically felt his breath on her neck. He let out some interesting noises along with that face! HAHA! It was great!

In FOUR WEEKS, at week 20, we take in a blank VHS tape to record the ultrasound that will reveal the gender of our little baby. We can't freakin wait! Bring it on!

We came home, ate dinner, and BUILT THE CRIB!! It's so beautiful! The room is looking fantastic and we're super stoked! Kallie is about to go put up the infamous curtain rod. Haha. It has been disinfected.

Also, Keith and Sav's wedding book came in yesterday and it looks great!! We're dropping their package off before dinner tonight! Woohoo! We'll let you know when the photos are released!

So much love,


David Buckmaster said...

Ha, nice picture. I have the same haircut I did when I was 3.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Baby Bucky is soooo cute!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I think you should let me cut David's hair the next time!!!! I've been cutting Mr.T's for over 10 years, and the old babes think he's still HOT!
Jus' kiddin'........
love ya bunches,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday David! Cute picture! Glad you had a great doctor's appointment. cant wait till you find out what your having! You guys sound as busy as we are, give me a call kallie when you get a chance, I'd love to see the baby furniture! talk to you soon.


Clifton said...

haha, yes, nice hair cut.

And Happy Birthday! I've said happy birthday by text, facebook, voicemail, and blog. At least you know I didn't forget.

And don't knock people who are scared of needles.

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