Monday, August 4, 2008

I fought the [ocean] and the [ocean] won.

080308DavidBeach.jpgDavid and his beach hat.

David and Kallie were having fun in the ocean. We were racing in on waves - David on a boogie board and Kallie on an inflatable raft thing. The wave caught the end of Kallie's raft and started to flip her over - feet backwards over her head. This did not feel too great on the preggers belly. She fell, her beautiful sunglasses were taken by the wave, and she quickly readjusted her bikini. Then the next wave came - just as strong, and she fell over and scraped up her knee. More bathing suit readjusting. A wonderful team of David, Larry, and Louise helped comb the bottom of the ocean, but it was no use. The tide was going out and the undertow was pretty strong. Lost at sea are my Kate Spades. And you know how much Kallie loves Ms. Spade. Or you should. Sigh.

Other than that and some skin burnage, we had a more than wonderful time at the beach with Amy, Scott, Larry, Louise, and the little bit that Catherine was there. Delicious food and a lovely ocean. Great weather, too. And we Wii'd with the family, which was funny.

Now back to work.

Love, d&k


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you lost your Spade's in the ocean, Kalster!!!
so sad.....

Anonymous said...

fun times at the beach!!! so we seriously need to get together! glad yall had a great time!! talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, wish I could have been there to scrape up my knee too...

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