Monday, August 25, 2008

Too many desserts!

We had a wonderful Saturday. Lots of really good food (including two different pies) at David's dad's with the family for Beth and Josh's engagement celebration.
[our baby/buddha bellies]
Before we left, dad and Louise gave us some adorable gifts for our baby girl!
[a gator on the butt with matching booties]
SO cute- all of it!

Then we went to Rachel and Matt's house (Matt is still in California) and Logan, Laura, and Justin all came over. We had THE best time! We really miss them! Rachel cooked dinner for the others, but we were completely stuffed. She left for a second and came back with these gorgeous and delicious cupcakes with pink strawberry icing! We were completely surprised and that was way too cute of her. After eating, we had a night of hilarious poker. We haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Of course Logan won - but Kallie came in second (that's right!) and David was third. Kallie was the chip leader for the first half of the game until Logan started taking her for all she was worth! We had a blast.

We're headed to Tallahassee this weekend and can't wait to go fishing and hang out with Kallie's parents. The first week of October, the four of us are also heading out to Nashville for a fun fall vacation! We're piling up a list of things to do, so if you have any ideas (Kallie has never been there and its been a while for the others), please let us know! In the meantime, it's back to work and growing a baby girl! :)

Much love, d&k.

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Alisa Kelleen said...

While in Nashville, you MUST go to Hillsborough Village and go to Fido. You may even see a celebrity there.

Also, the Parthenon is a fun spot for a picnic.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is awesome and so is the Rhyman Theater. So much Country Music history!

Also fun is catching a concert from a newbie downtown at one of the clubs. There's one called something about a Mustang or something that I hear has great music. Enjoy your night out without a baby and know things change a bit once little Tallulah gets to town. (sure, let's call her Tallulah today)

For all the Southern Baptistness you could ever want, try the Lifeway headquarters on Broadway and then you MUST, MUST, MUST eat at the South Street Cafe! We go there just about every time we're in Nashville. Order their Pepperoncini platter for an appetizer and put EVERYTHING on the cracker. It's so amazing.

I can't think of other things right now, but those are some of our faves in the Music City. How fun!

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