Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Harper's First Birthday!

Shelley did such an amazing job making Harper's First birthday a beautiful one!! Here are some photos from the day!


Today is Harper's actual birthday! Happy birthday Harper! You are quite loved!!!



Well, there's a big gas shortage between Atlanta and Nashville and they're rioting at the pumps in Nashville. So our trip has changed. Somewhere in North Carolina. Still researching. If you have a suggestion, let us know! We're currently looking anywhere from Asheville to Raleigh!

Monday, September 29, 2008


We will no longer be publishing anonymous comments on our blog.

We quite welcome comments, just be sure to tell us who you are!

That's all.



Kallie's dad was in Clearwater on business this weekend, so we hopped in the car Friday after work and headed out to the island. We had a lovely time talking about politics, the new bail-out plan (we won't go into that now...), and just visiting. Plus, we were treated to a lovely dinner. Yum.

Saturday was a busy busy day! Kallie headed off to a baby food cooking class at Debbi's house in Riverview. It was wonderful. But thankfully we have a little while until all of that begins!! Oh, and Debbi sent Kallie home with even more goodies (she provided most of Kallie's maternity wardrobe)!! We now have even more (Debbi has three kiddos!) baby clothes to add to our own vintage Kallie collection! Even with going through multiple outfits a day, we're already set on clothing for little Tova. It's ridiculous.

David headed to play golf with two of his coworkers that morning. He had a great time, too. He played well and was excited to get outside and hit things. :) He was also happy about getting Moe's on the way home. And then not happy about shattering his salsa jar all over the kitchen floor.

We left in the middle of the Gator game to go to Harper's first birthday party! Shelley did an AMAZING job decorating!! Here's a link to see her great decorations. Kallie took lots of photos, so those will be posted soon! Harper was precious and we're so excited she's a healthy one-year-old! Unfortunately, we also found out that the Gators lost. Sniff.

After dinner, we were driving to Blockbuster and now have car troubles - see two posts ago. Then we watched a movie that wasn't as good as it should have been.

Oh, we didn't mention that Kallie's computer wouldn't boot most of the week. We took it into the genius bar at the Apple store in Brandon Sunday after church. The normal things didn't work. So we took it home, hooked our two computers to each other, and saved Kallie's files before re-loading Kallie's computer's operating system. It took all evening, but it worked. While still in Tampa, we hung out with David's mom and Hank for quite a while. We had a lovely time. Annella bought us a fantastic book with great clothing, etc, patterns for babies by Amy Butler. It's beautiful and perfect. We're excited! David is even planning on making something!!!

The car is in the shop now. $90 just so they can look over it and tell us what we actually need to spend money on to fix. Please keep your fingers crossed!!

Looking forward to Nashville...

love, d&k

Shana Tova!

Whoa! Debbi just brought something to my attention! Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown tonight. Shana Tova means "good year" in Hebrew. The term is commonly used among Jews at Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), to wish each other a happy new year.

How exciting! We love Tova!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Car Mess

After a busy day, we were on our way to Blockbuster to get a no-brainer to watch tonight. On the way, a car sped up super fast (in a 45mph zone) and passed us and got right in front of us. His front bumper then decided to fly off, up into the air, over his car, and hit the road directly in front of us. We had nowhere to go but over it. Everything sounded fine - people drive over things all the time and their cars handle it. Well, we pulled into the parking lot a few miles later and all of a sudden started hearing a type of hissing noise through the air vents. We parked, got out of the car, and lifted the hood. Nothing seemed wrong, except one of the plastic bars across the grill was broken in half. Nothing was leaking. A nice couple stopped and helped us - the man unscrewed our coolant, which was full, and we therefore declared that the radiator was fine. Still no dripping. We called our dads, went inside to get our movie, and decided we'd be safe driving home. No AC. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that something just got knocked loose, and nothing will cost any money. We'll see when we take it in to get fully inspected. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that nothing huge is wrong. With a babe on the way, a huge car expense isn't exactly in our budget....

love, d&k

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And her name is...

Tova Lisa Name.jpg

Tova - Hebrew for "good"
"Fashionably swift and petite, Tova also has a gentle graciousness. You can picture a Tova zipping masterfully down a ski slope, then baking brownies afterward. The name has both Norse and Hebrew origins for a global sound." - Baby Name Wizard

Lise - German "God is my oath"
"The international form of Lisa is disarmingly simple and uncommon. It gives you a fresh sound with traditional roots. The exact pronunciation is up to you: Leeze is the most standard, but you'll also hear LEESE, Leesa, and Leeza." - Baby Name Wizard
Her name will be pronounced "Leese"

Tova Lise Buckmaster

Horray for Tova!


Bible study last Thursday was nice. Hopefully we'll start getting to know some more people.

Kallie had lunch with David at his office Friday. She wanted to meet the newest FBCH VP, but he was unfortunately out. Then she hung out with Harper and Shelley and had a lovely time. That afternoon was another routine doctor's appointment. Our little girl is doing great! Dr. Mammel said my weight gain is right on target and the baby's size is right on schedule. We listened to her heartbeat for a while, but it was a little difficult because she was being a wiggle worm. She's a very active little girl!!!

Next month is the blood sugar test. Apparently they give me a liquid to drink and then I have to just sit for an hour. Then they take my blood and see how my body handled the fluids. David won't come, since it's a long visit to just sit and wait. Boring!

That night, we went and saw Burn After Reading and thought it was just ok - a little disappointed. We followed it up with what we thought would be a quick trip to Starbucks for cookies. Then a young practicing brain-cancer-recovered-comedian sat at our table for 45 minutes. And then we went home.

David played tennis with Keith Saturday morning and Kallie tried not to get overheated. Then we all went to David's dad's to watch the Gator game and eat yummy food.
Gift from Dav's dad and Louise:

The first outfit we've purchased for our little girl:
And let's just add that while Kallie was looking at monitors, she had to go find David, who was holding this in his hand.

Sunday we went to the Rays game with David's dad and Louise. It was neat to see the stadium and check out the underground circus. But the Rays were all hung over from the night before and it was a pretty blah game.

We're all researched-up on Nashville and ready for our Babymoon with Kallie's parents in a week. So excited. Kallie also finally finished researching baby products (thanks to Consumer Reports Best Baby Products book from the library). Registries are done. Excellent.

A wonderful surprise gift - a lovely album - from Jenn and Matt Neldner:
Now our extra ultrasounds don't have to sit in an envelope!

Much love!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Email from Pastor Chandra

David's mom has been staying in touch and helping support Pastor Chandra and his wife, Manjula, in India for a few years now. We've been doing the same, since David's mom started sending us his messages quite a while ago. They have an orphanage and home for widows. Here is Chandra's latest email - I know it's long, but it's well worth reading - if anything, skip to the list at the bottom.

My dear brother David
I am so sorry. Last few days I am unable to write any letters to you. As I told you in the last letter, I am visiting some villages where there is no Gospel.
I visited some houses and share Gospel to them. I saw the thirst in their faces about salvation. and I arranged one pastor and his wife at one village. They are interested to go the villages and share gospel to them. The pastors name is Johnson. 2 years back he married one of our church girl. her name is Salomi. We gave Baptism to her. She is very prayerful girl. So please pray for them. I am praying for their financial support.I have the belief. He will help them.
I read your loving concerned letters. I am very thank full to you for your loving concern about us. On 21 Sunday we are going to celebrate our birthday function. We are going to give good dinner to our church members and some poor widow women. And manjula and me are planning to give some series to widow women, and some dresses to orphan children.
Certainly He is with you always. Certainly will bless your ministry among children.
"Not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and Grace"
Please pray for INDIA
In Karnataka State in some district Christians are suffering a lot.
Some non christian groups are beating Christians and demolishing Churches.
Udipi, Kolor, Mangulore, and some places Christians are facing lot of trubles.
Please. Almost all christians are afraid, when the groups attack and do wrong to them.
So I am humbly asking you please pray for us.
Orissa Simmering: Persecution Continues

1. On 24th of August Pastor Jeebaratna Lima from Khurda District, was attacked and beaten up mercilessly. The miscreants doused petrol on him and about to set him on fire but timely arrival of Police saved his life. He was in Police custody but later was released on bail next day.
2. Pastor Bahumulya Paik of Bamandei, Patpur Police Station. Ganjam District was beaten to a point of death by a mob of around 100 people. He vomited blood and later gained conciousness and managed to flee from the place while the group was engaged in attacking the local believers. Since the hospitals were closed no medical help was available. On August 26, the police escorted him to some distance by their vehicle and left him on the way to take a bus and go away.
3. Pastor Bishnu Kumbhar and his pregnant wife of village Dutta, under Madan Rampur Police Station of Kalahandi district, were chased out. To save their lives, they ran away in the darkness and hid themselves from the attackers.
4. Pastor Susanjit Beero of Tengada Pathar under Tikabali Police Station of Phulabani, was attacked by a group of Hindutva miscreants. Along with few believers he is still reported to be taking shelter in the forest though without food and clothes from the last 48 hours.
5. Pastor Dillip Koshla of Tiangia village, under Raikia Police Station was attacked by the mob. His house and property are burned and looted by the unruly mob.
6. Pastor Birendra Harijan, of Nakapolo Church under Dharmasala Police Station of Jajpur District was beaten up badly. As the miscreants were about to set his house on fire the timely arrival of police saved the disaster.
7. Pastor Amit Pani of Ampani village, Koksora Police Station(PS) under Kalahandi district was chased out and locked in a house but they manage to escape.
8. Pastor Lebiyo Raito of Kanjamendi, Nuagam PS, Phulbani, was attacked and chased away from his house. He is still hiding in the jungle.
9. Pastor Jatan Nayak, of Bhadrak district was attacked and his house ransacked. He is in the Police protection at the moment.
10. Pastor Abinash Garjang, of Tattaguda, Malkangiriis attacked and the Church building was ransacked.
11. Pastor Aurobindo Sahu of Tumgurpada Church, Bargarh District is threatened to leave the place with dire consequences.
12. District pastor Anant Benya of Badibahal church, Luisingha PS, in Bolangir District was issued threat to attack the church on 26th August.
13. Pastor Pabitra Digal and Pastor Dharmendra Digal, of Sundargarh district have received threats to their life burning the church.
14. Pastor Thomas Bhoi of Petapanga church Raikia, Kandhamal district was attacked by the mob and their household items were damaged.
15. Pastor Ramakant Pradhan of Dotta Church and Pastor Sulaisng Barik of Hatibandh Church under Sinapali PS of Nuapada District was chased away from the village. Their whereabouts are not known.
16. Pastor Bijaya Surya of Penkam Church, Gunapur PS, Rayagada District is threatened and asked to leave the place.
17. Pastor Mothilal Sagar and his family, also along with 5 Sisters and two brothers in Madekela, Godphila block were attacked but they managed to flee and hid themselves. The miscreants are searching for them.
18. More than 15 church buildings of Believers Church alone and several churches of other denomination are damaged. The rampage is still going on unabated.
19. Church building and 60 houses in Tiangia village, Raikia, Kandhamal burnt. Two Christians named Dasarath Pradhan, Bikram Naik killed.
20. Church building was bombed and destroyed. 30 houses burnt in Tengdapathar, Tikabali, Kandhamal.
21. Church and parsonage damaged, 20 houses burnt, Two believers killed in Pettapanga, Saranggada, Kandhmal.
22. Chandrasekaharpur, BDA Church, Bhubaneswar damaged.
23. Tangupada, Bargarh District, the anti-Christians have threatened the pastor Arobindo Sahu to leave and they have a plan to destroy the newly built Church.
24. Audio Visual Team are hiding in the jungle in Chandragiri, Gajapati District because of the threats.
25. BOH (Education centre for Children) in Kuttenpalli, Bolangir District having 120 students was threatened to close down.
26. Tattaguda Church of Pastor Abinash Garjang in Baipariguda, Malkangiri demolished.
27. Bhatta Palla Church of Pastor John Naik in Madanpur, Rampur, in Kalahandi demoslished.
28. Tujung Church of Pastor Basant Digal in M. Rampur Kalahandi damaged.
29. Ladapanga Church of Pastor Rajanikanth Nayak in Daringbadi damaged.
30. The residences of Pastor Bijaya Kumar Surya, Pastor Susil Lima of Miraguda, Gunupur ransacked and looted. No police protection given.
31. The Church of Pastor Junus Digal destroyed and 180 houses of Christians burnt in Balkidadi, Kandhmal. Without food and drinking water the Christians are in the jungle from last three days.
32. The church building and all the houses of the Christians in Kurmingia of Kandhamal burnt. The Christians have fled to nearby jungles.
33. Church building and houses ransacked and later burnt in Tattaguda of Malkangiri District.
34. Churches destroyed and houses burnt along with 4 believers killed in Dadingia of Raikia, Kandhamal.
35. The church of Pastor Alif Nayak alongwith 12 houses in Ranipada, Kandhamal burnt. Pastor killed.
36. Houses burnt and Christians attacked in Madkela, Tusura in Bolangir.
37. Pastors Dandapani and Junus Diagal chased out of their place but they managed to flee to safety in nearby jungle.
38. Four incidents of attacks reported in Koraput. 39. Carmel English Medium School in Khurda threatened to close down by Hindu fundamentalists.
40. Houses in Khariapada, Udaigari were bombed by petrol bombs.
41. Unconfirmed reports suggests around 10-11 Christians were killed in jungles by angry and unruly mob.
42. Church in Balangir demolished.
43. Complete failure of Law and Order in violence affected areas. Police and Para-millitary forces are mere spectators.
44. 300-400 attackers burnt houses of Christians in Kurmanga, Raikia.
45. Nuagaon village dominated by around 50 Christian families completely burnt down.
46. Church in Nuagaon village burnt.
47. Grace Girls Hostel having 60-70 students in Kotagarh, Phulbani attacked by more than 1000 people. Just 10 Police personnel posted for protection were not sufficient to protect the Hostel.
The fundamentalist group are going from village to village destroying Churches, burning houses, attacking and killing Christians. It is reported that thousands of extremists have been brought from Gujarat and Chhattisgarh to perpetrate this violence which has spread to all the districts of Orissa. Their agenda is to wipe out Chrisitians and Christianity from India starting from Orissa.
Christian community is saddened by the response of the Government so far to tackle the situation in Orissa that has become the boiling pot of crooked political agendas of the Sangh Parivar.
we need your's and all the Christians prayer protection. Please pray for us.


Here is where Orissa is located. If you google Orissa, the first item that comes up is an article about the Hindu/Christian riots. It's a terrible thing. Please pray. They're literally burning people and bombing orphanages.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ben and Amanda's wedding

Finally! The teaser!
All of the photos will be up in about two weeks. I'll let you know when they're on www.kalliebrynn.com and the proofs website.

Ben and Amanda are good friends of ours. They had an outside wedding in Winter Park, Florida. It rained all weekend, even the morning of the wedding - but no rain in sight as soon as we started taking photos and for the rest of the day. It was truly a gorgeous wedding. We were so excited to see two of our close friends have such a fabulous day to start the rest of their lives together.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We didn't receive two bills in the mail from this past month and therefore have overdue charges to pay. We got one of the bills' charges dropped and Kallie will work on the other one this afternoon. She's about to write a letter to put in our mailbox. Does anyone know what to do when you're not getting some mail???

Another robbery in our apartment complex. Both were third floor apartments. Both had their large screen tv's taken. Apparently the most recent lady robbed drove up to her building and recognized the bed sheets and tv some people were carrying as her own. She called the police. Let's just say that, 1, David has been double-checking the front door often. 2, we're reallllllly hoping the new apartments we've been drooling over are ready come May.

We had a lovely time in Tallahassee over the weekend. It was great to see GrandBob and Beverly. They have since traveled on to Mayo clinic, where Beverly found out that her cysts are cancerous and is having more tests and surgery done throughout the week. Please keep her in your prayers. GrandBob has bone cancer. Apparently it's bad. Beverly was a nurse, so she's quite equipped to understand the doctors and help in both their cases. But with her surgery, she's worried about not being 100% to help Bob as his condition worsens. Thankfully Bob is 87 and has had a wonderful, full life. And if you didn't know something was wrong - you'd never be able to guess. He's such a strong, sharp, good man. We love them both.

Thought this was interesting:

love, d&k.

ps - Kallie finished Ben and Amanda's wedding book! She's not proud of how long she took to complete everything (though she's still in her 2 month period she promises), but is very proud of the photos. She would already have a teaser blog post up for you, but one of her main photo programs is on the fritz (Bridge), which is making things incredibly difficult. She'll get that fixed asap.
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