Saturday, September 27, 2008

Car Mess

After a busy day, we were on our way to Blockbuster to get a no-brainer to watch tonight. On the way, a car sped up super fast (in a 45mph zone) and passed us and got right in front of us. His front bumper then decided to fly off, up into the air, over his car, and hit the road directly in front of us. We had nowhere to go but over it. Everything sounded fine - people drive over things all the time and their cars handle it. Well, we pulled into the parking lot a few miles later and all of a sudden started hearing a type of hissing noise through the air vents. We parked, got out of the car, and lifted the hood. Nothing seemed wrong, except one of the plastic bars across the grill was broken in half. Nothing was leaking. A nice couple stopped and helped us - the man unscrewed our coolant, which was full, and we therefore declared that the radiator was fine. Still no dripping. We called our dads, went inside to get our movie, and decided we'd be safe driving home. No AC. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that something just got knocked loose, and nothing will cost any money. We'll see when we take it in to get fully inspected. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that nothing huge is wrong. With a babe on the way, a huge car expense isn't exactly in our budget....

love, d&k


Anonymous said...

how awful!!! Is everything ok now?

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Car stuff is stressful and unexpected, we know that firsthand. I will pray for you today. :)

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