Monday, September 29, 2008


Kallie's dad was in Clearwater on business this weekend, so we hopped in the car Friday after work and headed out to the island. We had a lovely time talking about politics, the new bail-out plan (we won't go into that now...), and just visiting. Plus, we were treated to a lovely dinner. Yum.

Saturday was a busy busy day! Kallie headed off to a baby food cooking class at Debbi's house in Riverview. It was wonderful. But thankfully we have a little while until all of that begins!! Oh, and Debbi sent Kallie home with even more goodies (she provided most of Kallie's maternity wardrobe)!! We now have even more (Debbi has three kiddos!) baby clothes to add to our own vintage Kallie collection! Even with going through multiple outfits a day, we're already set on clothing for little Tova. It's ridiculous.

David headed to play golf with two of his coworkers that morning. He had a great time, too. He played well and was excited to get outside and hit things. :) He was also happy about getting Moe's on the way home. And then not happy about shattering his salsa jar all over the kitchen floor.

We left in the middle of the Gator game to go to Harper's first birthday party! Shelley did an AMAZING job decorating!! Here's a link to see her great decorations. Kallie took lots of photos, so those will be posted soon! Harper was precious and we're so excited she's a healthy one-year-old! Unfortunately, we also found out that the Gators lost. Sniff.

After dinner, we were driving to Blockbuster and now have car troubles - see two posts ago. Then we watched a movie that wasn't as good as it should have been.

Oh, we didn't mention that Kallie's computer wouldn't boot most of the week. We took it into the genius bar at the Apple store in Brandon Sunday after church. The normal things didn't work. So we took it home, hooked our two computers to each other, and saved Kallie's files before re-loading Kallie's computer's operating system. It took all evening, but it worked. While still in Tampa, we hung out with David's mom and Hank for quite a while. We had a lovely time. Annella bought us a fantastic book with great clothing, etc, patterns for babies by Amy Butler. It's beautiful and perfect. We're excited! David is even planning on making something!!!

The car is in the shop now. $90 just so they can look over it and tell us what we actually need to spend money on to fix. Please keep your fingers crossed!!

Looking forward to Nashville...

love, d&k

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