Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We didn't receive two bills in the mail from this past month and therefore have overdue charges to pay. We got one of the bills' charges dropped and Kallie will work on the other one this afternoon. She's about to write a letter to put in our mailbox. Does anyone know what to do when you're not getting some mail???

Another robbery in our apartment complex. Both were third floor apartments. Both had their large screen tv's taken. Apparently the most recent lady robbed drove up to her building and recognized the bed sheets and tv some people were carrying as her own. She called the police. Let's just say that, 1, David has been double-checking the front door often. 2, we're reallllllly hoping the new apartments we've been drooling over are ready come May.

We had a lovely time in Tallahassee over the weekend. It was great to see GrandBob and Beverly. They have since traveled on to Mayo clinic, where Beverly found out that her cysts are cancerous and is having more tests and surgery done throughout the week. Please keep her in your prayers. GrandBob has bone cancer. Apparently it's bad. Beverly was a nurse, so she's quite equipped to understand the doctors and help in both their cases. But with her surgery, she's worried about not being 100% to help Bob as his condition worsens. Thankfully Bob is 87 and has had a wonderful, full life. And if you didn't know something was wrong - you'd never be able to guess. He's such a strong, sharp, good man. We love them both.

Thought this was interesting:

love, d&k.

ps - Kallie finished Ben and Amanda's wedding book! She's not proud of how long she took to complete everything (though she's still in her 2 month period she promises), but is very proud of the photos. She would already have a teaser blog post up for you, but one of her main photo programs is on the fritz (Bridge), which is making things incredibly difficult. She'll get that fixed asap.


Anonymous said...

Opt in for online bill notices.

Anonymous said...

Also, you can set up online bill pay through your bank and thus a payment will be sent through said business on time or earlier.

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