Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Bible study last Thursday was nice. Hopefully we'll start getting to know some more people.

Kallie had lunch with David at his office Friday. She wanted to meet the newest FBCH VP, but he was unfortunately out. Then she hung out with Harper and Shelley and had a lovely time. That afternoon was another routine doctor's appointment. Our little girl is doing great! Dr. Mammel said my weight gain is right on target and the baby's size is right on schedule. We listened to her heartbeat for a while, but it was a little difficult because she was being a wiggle worm. She's a very active little girl!!!

Next month is the blood sugar test. Apparently they give me a liquid to drink and then I have to just sit for an hour. Then they take my blood and see how my body handled the fluids. David won't come, since it's a long visit to just sit and wait. Boring!

That night, we went and saw Burn After Reading and thought it was just ok - a little disappointed. We followed it up with what we thought would be a quick trip to Starbucks for cookies. Then a young practicing brain-cancer-recovered-comedian sat at our table for 45 minutes. And then we went home.

David played tennis with Keith Saturday morning and Kallie tried not to get overheated. Then we all went to David's dad's to watch the Gator game and eat yummy food.
Gift from Dav's dad and Louise:

The first outfit we've purchased for our little girl:
And let's just add that while Kallie was looking at monitors, she had to go find David, who was holding this in his hand.

Sunday we went to the Rays game with David's dad and Louise. It was neat to see the stadium and check out the underground circus. But the Rays were all hung over from the night before and it was a pretty blah game.

We're all researched-up on Nashville and ready for our Babymoon with Kallie's parents in a week. So excited. Kallie also finally finished researching baby products (thanks to Consumer Reports Best Baby Products book from the library). Registries are done. Excellent.

A wonderful surprise gift - a lovely album - from Jenn and Matt Neldner:
Now our extra ultrasounds don't have to sit in an envelope!

Much love!

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