Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stealing. Really?

Our apartment complex had a burglary. It happened a week or so ago, we're just behind on letting you freak out for us. We think it may have happened twice because the cops around our complex at night keep increasing. We saw four cop cars a few nights ago. We think it's just because someone didn't lock their door. We keep ours locked. And now David's adrenaline gets pumping at every sound. He's taking care of his girls.

We're both working diligently.

Friday night was fantastic. Matt, Rachel, Logan, and Laura all came over from Tampa. We ate at Black and Brew (yum!) and walked around downtown. David and Logan got offered weed at a gas station. Laura and Kallie locked themselves in the car and kept it running, just in case. Then we played Wii. Logan boxing is the best. Really.
Logan and Matt Wiiing
Click the photo to take you to more on Flickr. Some by Logan himself!

Saturday morning, we helped David's coworker move. Well, David helped. Kallie showed up a few hours late just in time for lunch and had a nice time sitting and talking. We headed to Brandon and ate Sonny's for dinner with our wonderful friends Keith and Savannah. Delicious. Then we went to their home and watched the Gators beat Miami. Sav made rice crispy treats and they had Cheerwine in the fridge! They spoiled us.

Church Sunday was lovely. So was our walk around one of the lakes. Yesterday we went to walk the same lake but decided to walk to Bill and Diane's house instead. We were SO glad we did! Diane was giving Ella (16 mos.) a bath and it was so fun and amazing. We had the biggest grins. Ella is the cutest little girl with the biggest smile. A great time!

David found Wordle. It's fantastic. He copied in all of Matthew and came out with this:

Last night Keith and Sav came over for Pizza Palace, Wii, and Project Runway. :) We had a lovely time. Love those two!

love, d&k

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