Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, there's a big gas shortage between Atlanta and Nashville and they're rioting at the pumps in Nashville. So our trip has changed. Somewhere in North Carolina. Still researching. If you have a suggestion, let us know! We're currently looking anywhere from Asheville to Raleigh!


Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Aw, I'm so sorry your trip had to change!

I happen to know NC from Ashley to Raleigh very very well - all my extended family live in either of those cities, and I spent all my summers in the mountains around Asheville. I definitely suggest the Asheville area - although if you decide to go to the other side of the state, let me know and I can probably help you out. There are other mountain-y areas like Boone, but not nearly as much cool city life.

The downtown of Asheville itself is really artsy and cool, with galleries and good independent restaurants and coffee shops and breweries and concerts (lots of info online I'm sure), and of course there's tons of gorgeous hiking all over the place outside the city, you can just park somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway and start walking.

I suggest for the urban-chic pair who are the Buckmasters that you try to stay somewhere close enough to easily get into the city - Maggee Valley and Montreat and those kinds of places are great for nature and scenery, but are kind of far out.

Since Buck works for a Baptist organization (right?) you might even be able to get rooms at Ridgecrest or the Cove - the Cove is friggin' gorgeous - but I'm totally guessing, no idea if that's true.

Biltmore Estate is really fun but pricey, as is the Grove Park Inn. Anyway. That's more info than you need I'm sure. Let me know if you want more :)

d & k Buckmaster said...

Thank you Melissa! We actually went to Asheville this time last year - that's what spawned our interest in taking another fall trip northwards. And now we've been focusing on Asheville again, haha! We loved it so much! I just looked into canoeing and found a great place that takes you through Biltmore and the mountains. And apple picking - tons of places near Hendersonville.

I don't know anything about Maggee Valley and Montreat. Those are good places to stay?

And since we've already explored a lot of Asheville - do you have suggestions for day trips? Or maybe somewhere else altogether? We looked at Charlotte, but it seems like it's more about business, maybe like Tampa. I look forward to your response!!! :)

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

Ha, this is really fun - I didn't even realize how well I know NC! It's my heritage I guess.

No, don't go to Charlotte, it's a business-banking town. A nice one. But just a city like Tampa.

If you want a different mountain city, you might look into Blowing Rock. It's much smaller than Asheville, though, but very cute little tourist town.

Apple picking in Hendersonville is a great idea, very fun! Maybe a hiking day trip, like Chimney Rock or Mount Mitchell, would be fun for you - esp. if you got a gourmet picnic from downtown to take with you. You can also whitewater raft on the French Broad river. Also the Southern Highland Craft Guild Folk Art Center is cool - I don't know how many of the folk art galleries you've already been to downtown (like New Moon). I've heard the Biltmore winery is fun, never tried it.

Sorry to confuse: Maggee Valley is the name of an area, not a town, it has lots of towns technically - it's where lots of people own cabins that they rent out. Very beautiful but a little far from the city - although it would be doable.

And Montreat is part of the Billy Graham Center in Black Mountain - right next to Ridgecrest, if you remember where that is. The Cove is the Billy Graham organization's retreat center - it's flippin' beautiful, like Ridgecrest but nicer - and it's in that same area.

It might also be worth just doing some research on the restaurants and all of that - they change a lot, and Asheville is very hippie, so there's lots of neat food with local and sustainable focuses. I know there was an awesome cookie bakery, and also a cupcake bakery, that I'd never seen before the last time I was there (Christmas).

OK I'll stop now. I have a lot of enthusiasm for this apparently!

Melissa Crouch Stewart said...

OK last one I promise. This is so much more fun than homework :)

If you don't want to go back to Asheville, it just occurred to me, that another awesome romantic place to go is Charleston. It's in South, not North, Carolina (obviously). And coastal, not mountainous. But especially if you've never been, it's a great place.

Amy and Scott said...

You don't need gas to see the leaves changing in Central Park right now....just sayin. ~Amy~

Anisha said...

um also, i live in COLUMBIA- so duh. you must come HERE. got it?

Anonymous said...

Pensacola is perfect right now :)
- Dan

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