Thursday, October 30, 2008

You can vote however you like.

Thanks, Katie, for sharing this! Love it!

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever.

This year, traveling happens on Halloween.

David's costume: Southern Baptist Businessman.

Kallie's costume: Pregnant Lady.

We worked really hard to get these costumes ready. They've both been months to years in the making.

David just left home. We had a lovely long lunch.

Time to get out the Green Works supplies, rags, vacuum, and some elbow grease.

love, d&k.

Single digit weeks.

Kallie had a normal checkup with her doctor yesterday. She went just two weeks ago and will continue going every two weeks until it speeds up to every week in a while. Can you believe she's already 30 weeks along!? Crazy! That means about 9 weeks left. We're getting super excited and want to meet our little girl!
The appointment went really well. Kallie gained THREE pounds in two weeks, but she's blaming it on wearing shoes (she normally just wears flip flops, which she easily slips off for the scale) and her sweater. It was cold! Her blood pressure is still fantastic - it hasn't really changed the whole time. No swollen ankles. Tova is the perfect size. A super strong heart beat. The doctor even felt around Kallie's belly to see if he could tell which position Tova was floating: head down. Kallie got to feel where her head was! It was sweet. And Dr. Mammel said that I passed the GTT with flying colors. So no worries at all! We are ridiculously blessed. God is good.

When David got home from work, we headed to vote early. We waited for 45 minutes to cast our ballot. It's all done now. Well, not the next four years...I'll be glad when those are done.

David leaves for Miami this afternoon. :( Kallie will clean house tonight.

We are loving this cold weather! It's fantastic!

love, d&k.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miss these three.

This was taken at the airport as we were leaving Denver, CO.
Tommie, Alisa, Liliana, Kallie, David.
June 2008.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haha...Kallie just realized that "separated" was a terrible idea for a blog post title.

David will be leaving on a business trip later this week. Kallie is going to Tallahassee with David's mom for a baby shower. She's coming back home with Kallie's mom, who will stay with us for a few days. We hate being apart, but at least we'll both be very busy and it'll go by quickly.

We drove to Gainesville last Friday night, parked at Ben and Amanda's apartment, then walked to the BCM (David didn't think Kallie could handle all the walking, but she's tuff.) It was homecoming weekend, so the BCM was doing their usual "Later Growl" activities. We saw friends who have also been gone for a couple of years. It was lovely. David got to play boggy pong and get BCM feet. Sorry if you have no idea what that means. We walked back to B&A's apartment with them sometime after midnight, when Kallie couldn't take it any more, hah. We were in bed around 2am. That's impressive.

Then up again for the pharmacy school BBQ, where we met up with David's dad and Louise. Great food, as always. It was overcast and chilly, which was wonderful. Climbing the ramps at the stadium did prove to be a task for the preggers lady, but she made it - slowly. The game was fun. We balled. Then we went back the the BCM for free ice cream. Yum. Then to see some of David's high school friends, Kyle (and his gf, Nicole) and KB, at KB's little brother's house. They have a massive 9 month old American Bulldog. Ridiculous. We had a nice time and then headed to Katie's lovely home. She made us dinner and we had a fantastic time hanging out. Ben and Amanda joined us. Katie's place always feels like a second home. Love being there. We headed home that evening.

Sunday was too gorgeous to waste inside, so we drove to Hyde Park and walked around and enjoyed ourselves. We also bought some great knobs (in green, on sale) for Tova's changing table. Love them.

Kallie drove to Winter Park yesterday for a photo shoot of the lovely Vann family. She took portraits of Louise when she was just getting started about a year and a half ago. Louise has grown up so much - she's so beautiful! - and now has a little brother to share the spotlight. They had a great time visiting and catching up. And the photos are so cute! You'll get a teaser soon.

Now to work.

Love, d&k.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tova Lise has a banner.

Instead of the normal white wood wall letters, Kallie decided to make this:

Tova has been hiccuping relatively often. She has good rhythm.

K got to hang out with B for a long time yesterday. They talked for hours. It was good.

love, d&k

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The three hour GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) wasn't too bad, but it was definitely longer than three hours. When you arrive, at 7:30am, they take your blood. This is your fasting blood glucose test. Then you wait about 45 minutes for them to tell you if you need to continue with the testing or not. I had to. That's when you drink the orange soda-esque stuff that's way too sugary for normal consumption. It was 8:10, so I was left to do whatever (aka sit and read) except eat or drink anything but water. At 9:10, 10:10, and 11:10, I would walk into the lab, bypassing everyone waiting, and get blood drawn. I switched arms each time and have concluded that my right arm takes it better than my left. Other than the needle pricks, it wasn't so bad. I couldn't sleep much the night before, so I was really tired. But I didn't get famished like I thought I would. My stomach felt a little queasy with all that sugar in it, but it was tolerable, especially since you get used to that, being pregnant and all. No biggie. Plus, David has kissed the red dots on my arms, so they're healing quite well.

I just called Watson Clinic and asked about my test results.

She said, "yes, he just posted that this morning and said all the levels were normal."

Horray!!! I'm SO excited, I might just go drink a chocolate caffeinated something at Starbucks tonight...with a cookie! Hahah!!!

God is good and He takes care of us beyond our wildest dreams.

Love, Kallie

Monday, October 20, 2008

Showers and kayaks

We went on a little date to a movie at the Polk Theatre Friday night. It's a really neat theatre that reminded us a bit of the Tampa Theatre, just smaller. Fun experience.

Saturday we dropped more stuff at Goodwill and headed to downtown Lakeland for a Car Show. We weren't planning on it being a big deal, so we thought we'd walk around for 15 minutes or so - so Kallie wore pants. Well, it was a pretty big deal. It was hot out and there was a lot to see. Needless to say, we only saw about half before Kallie felt like she was going to pass out. Then we headed home. But not before we spent too much money on a tin cup and free refills at an old-timey soda pop stand. Vanilla creme soda, orange pop, and root beer. It was good, but way too sweet.

That night, we headed to Tampa for Clay and Bethany's wedding shower. We had a blast and enjoyed the light rain that came and went. Thankfully we were under a pavilion. It was nice seeing some familiar faces, talking babies, and playing the newlywed game. That was pretty hilarious, actually. It ended with Kallie saying a bad word, which was quite amusing. People were shocked. Ooops!

After church on Sunday (a great sermon, btw), Larry and Louise came over for a little bit before we headed off to Auburndale to spend the afternoon with Katie! We had a blast on the boat and the kayaks on her parents' lake. The weather was absolutely perfect and we loved being on the water. We hung around inside and ate a delicious dinner when it got darker. What a great weekend!

Haircut before and after from last Wednesday (most of the blonde is gone, but alas, it's still hanging around for a little longer.):

Belly shot! October 19th, 28 weeks and 5 days:

love, d&k.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


When we got back from our vacation, David headed back to work and Kallie went to a ladies' luncheon thrown by David's company. The boys were all on phone duty while at least 50 lady employees and wives went to a beautiful home in south Lakeland. The food was delicious and Kallie enjoyed getting to know some people better and meeting others for the first time. That night, Keith and Sav came over and David and Keith played tennis (love it!), we got dinner, then watched Project Runway! Fun times, indeed. We love those two.

Last Friday night, we drove to Orlando after work to see Matt play a few sets at the Apple Store. It was a neat set-up that Apple has apparently started doing the past few months. It was great to see him, Rachel, and Matt's family. The next day, we headed into Tampa to celebrate Rachel's birthday! We had a great time with family and friends at the Mahaffey's house and then headed to Matt and Rachel's for cards and Wii! We had a blast and Kallie was the ultimate winner of the night. Too much fun!

Sunday was long and spent in Tampa again. We went and got David's sister's big car from his mom's house and took it to his dad's. Then we ran errands (including picking up our re-surfaced laptops from Apple - wonderful!) all day to waste time until Catherine got home so we could pick up our lovely nursery chair! It's a wonderfully comfortable chair and we're so excited to have the nursery one step closer to completion!

This week has been all about medical stuff, as well as realizing Kallie's old bike isn't fit for resale. We were hoping and went out to wash it and realized it was in pretty sad shape. Oh well. Monday, Kallie went to a super short epidural class at the Lakeland Regional Medical Center. She's really really hoping to not get one, but at LRMC, you're not guaranteed one unless you've gone to this class and filled out a medical sheet. No biggie. Tuesday, Kallie went alone for the first time to her OB appointment. Her blood pressure is still terrific and Tova is the perfect size. She had to do a blood glucose screening test, so she drank a super sugary drink when she got there and waited in the lab waiting room for an hour before getting her blood drawn. They see how your body handles the sugar within the hour.

Well, Wednesday morning, Kallie got a call from her clinic, saying that her blood glucose levels were above the cut off and that she has to go back in for the GTT - the three hour glucose test. Apparently 2/3s of the women who go back the second time are in the clear, but 1/3 is still a big percentage. Plus, the testing isn't exactly easy. Kallie goes in at 7:30am on an empty stomach next Tuesday and gets blood drawn right away, then drinks twice the amount of sugary liquid as the first time, then gets blood drawn again, then again an hour later, then again another hour later. So she'll be starving and exhausted by the time it's over. Please pray that she doesn't have any hint of gestational diabetes and that she handles the testing well. Apparently women will throw up the liquid sometimes and have to start all over again another day. That would stink. And pray that Tova stays healthy and that Kallie does the same. Thanks!

Thankfully that afternoon (yesterday), Kallie got pampered and felt a lot better. David sent her off to the spa and she got a prenatal massage, which was wonderful. Then she got a cute haircut. Pictures to come later. Most of the blonde is now gone and Kallie's hair hasn't felt so healthy in over a year.

PS - who watched the Project Runway finale??? We're happy about the winner, for certain. Her collection was beautiful and innovative and Kallie would wear it all.

Special note! Four years ago today, we went on a canoe ride at a BCM retreat, where we officially started dating. The rest is a wonderful story that we're so lucky to have. We're super excited about continuing to grow in love for decades to come and that we'll have a little Tova to love as well!

Much love, d&k.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Vacation

It was wonderful. We had an amazing time.

And the photos are done within a week! Whoa!

We stayed in Kallie's Grancy and GrandBob's old house that her uncle now owns. We didn't think we would ever go back, so that was a lovely surprise. It's on the side of a mountain in Pisgah Forest, Brevard, NC. Gorgeous.

The trip started with apple picking at J.H. Stepp Farm's Hillcrest Orchard! We picked a peck and are still enjoying our golden delicious, fuji, and cameo apples. We didn't really like Arkansas Black. The corn maze was funny - David tried scaring Kallie and her mom, but he was caught by the camera! And the sunflowers were fantastic! Highly recommend going to JH Stepp!!

We walked around downtown Hendersonville twice, which is super cute. Good food, good stores.

We ate at Ed Boudreaux's Bayou BBQ twice (in Brevard)! And to counter balance, we ate at the salad bar at the Ingles grocery store one night. A great grocery store in the middle of nowhere-Brevard!

Saturday was spent in Asheville, walking around downtown, the Biltmore Village, and Grove Park Inn. We enjoyed our trip to Asheville last year, so we just made sure to see some things we had missed.

Oh, we also blew a tire! Kallie was the only one to see the incident. The culprit was a long piece of metal, like a wrench or something of the sort. It left a huge hole in the tire, which quickly went flat. It also sprang into the air and hit the car driving toward us on the other side of the road. We apparently have really bad car luck right now. We've since changed our insurance coverage to be more helpful! Hah! Things come in three, right? We're prepared. Thankfully the car had a full-sized spare, so our trip wasn't too hindered.

Sunday morning, we went to Sliding Rock and a waterfall before heading to CANOE the French Broad in Rosman (west of Brevard). It was a wonderful day! The weather was perfect the whole trip, actually! We drove to Headwaters Outfitters and lo and behold - David KNEW SOMEONE! Ridiculous. The other couple going canoeing with us was friends with David's sister, Amy. Everywhere we go, David knows someone. Anyway, the photos from our awesome canoeing trip (with some rapids!) are on Kallie's mom's camera, so those will come later.


Someone is hiding in the bottom left.
Haha! Love this one!
Mom's "silvenier"
Kal's dad carved TOVA!

Such a wonderful time!

She finally did it!

Horray! Kallie edited our photos from our trip to Denver earlier this year in June.

Click here
to see them all.

We had such a wonderful time visiting Tommie and Alisa. We miss you guys!
Here's a taste...isn't Lili the CUTEST!?!!!

we had fun times in the back seat.
Kallie thought Lili's obsession with cups was hilarious.
Freezing cold water.
Tattered Cover Book Store - Kenny, Mike PG, Tommie, and Kristin
Alisa's birthday dinner with her fam
for Kallie's mom - see! It's a Peanuts!
We're guessing Tova will look a bit like this.

Much love and happy memories!

ps - hoping Alisa sends us the group photo we took at the airport so I can post that soon!!
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