Thursday, October 16, 2008


When we got back from our vacation, David headed back to work and Kallie went to a ladies' luncheon thrown by David's company. The boys were all on phone duty while at least 50 lady employees and wives went to a beautiful home in south Lakeland. The food was delicious and Kallie enjoyed getting to know some people better and meeting others for the first time. That night, Keith and Sav came over and David and Keith played tennis (love it!), we got dinner, then watched Project Runway! Fun times, indeed. We love those two.

Last Friday night, we drove to Orlando after work to see Matt play a few sets at the Apple Store. It was a neat set-up that Apple has apparently started doing the past few months. It was great to see him, Rachel, and Matt's family. The next day, we headed into Tampa to celebrate Rachel's birthday! We had a great time with family and friends at the Mahaffey's house and then headed to Matt and Rachel's for cards and Wii! We had a blast and Kallie was the ultimate winner of the night. Too much fun!

Sunday was long and spent in Tampa again. We went and got David's sister's big car from his mom's house and took it to his dad's. Then we ran errands (including picking up our re-surfaced laptops from Apple - wonderful!) all day to waste time until Catherine got home so we could pick up our lovely nursery chair! It's a wonderfully comfortable chair and we're so excited to have the nursery one step closer to completion!

This week has been all about medical stuff, as well as realizing Kallie's old bike isn't fit for resale. We were hoping and went out to wash it and realized it was in pretty sad shape. Oh well. Monday, Kallie went to a super short epidural class at the Lakeland Regional Medical Center. She's really really hoping to not get one, but at LRMC, you're not guaranteed one unless you've gone to this class and filled out a medical sheet. No biggie. Tuesday, Kallie went alone for the first time to her OB appointment. Her blood pressure is still terrific and Tova is the perfect size. She had to do a blood glucose screening test, so she drank a super sugary drink when she got there and waited in the lab waiting room for an hour before getting her blood drawn. They see how your body handles the sugar within the hour.

Well, Wednesday morning, Kallie got a call from her clinic, saying that her blood glucose levels were above the cut off and that she has to go back in for the GTT - the three hour glucose test. Apparently 2/3s of the women who go back the second time are in the clear, but 1/3 is still a big percentage. Plus, the testing isn't exactly easy. Kallie goes in at 7:30am on an empty stomach next Tuesday and gets blood drawn right away, then drinks twice the amount of sugary liquid as the first time, then gets blood drawn again, then again an hour later, then again another hour later. So she'll be starving and exhausted by the time it's over. Please pray that she doesn't have any hint of gestational diabetes and that she handles the testing well. Apparently women will throw up the liquid sometimes and have to start all over again another day. That would stink. And pray that Tova stays healthy and that Kallie does the same. Thanks!

Thankfully that afternoon (yesterday), Kallie got pampered and felt a lot better. David sent her off to the spa and she got a prenatal massage, which was wonderful. Then she got a cute haircut. Pictures to come later. Most of the blonde is now gone and Kallie's hair hasn't felt so healthy in over a year.

PS - who watched the Project Runway finale??? We're happy about the winner, for certain. Her collection was beautiful and innovative and Kallie would wear it all.

Special note! Four years ago today, we went on a canoe ride at a BCM retreat, where we officially started dating. The rest is a wonderful story that we're so lucky to have. We're super excited about continuing to grow in love for decades to come and that we'll have a little Tova to love as well!

Much love, d&k.


Clifton said...

oh the famous canoe ride :-) I'm proud to have known you throughout the whole process, pre and post canoe

Hope your re-test goes well!

The Green Family said...

You look sooo cute! Love the hair and the belly! Too cute!

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