Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The three hour GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) wasn't too bad, but it was definitely longer than three hours. When you arrive, at 7:30am, they take your blood. This is your fasting blood glucose test. Then you wait about 45 minutes for them to tell you if you need to continue with the testing or not. I had to. That's when you drink the orange soda-esque stuff that's way too sugary for normal consumption. It was 8:10, so I was left to do whatever (aka sit and read) except eat or drink anything but water. At 9:10, 10:10, and 11:10, I would walk into the lab, bypassing everyone waiting, and get blood drawn. I switched arms each time and have concluded that my right arm takes it better than my left. Other than the needle pricks, it wasn't so bad. I couldn't sleep much the night before, so I was really tired. But I didn't get famished like I thought I would. My stomach felt a little queasy with all that sugar in it, but it was tolerable, especially since you get used to that, being pregnant and all. No biggie. Plus, David has kissed the red dots on my arms, so they're healing quite well.

I just called Watson Clinic and asked about my test results.

She said, "yes, he just posted that this morning and said all the levels were normal."

Horray!!! I'm SO excited, I might just go drink a chocolate caffeinated something at Starbucks tonight...with a cookie! Hahah!!!

God is good and He takes care of us beyond our wildest dreams.

Love, Kallie

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Clifton said...

that's great news! Sorry you had to sit around all day, but at least now you can sleep soundly knowing everything is fine

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