Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haha...Kallie just realized that "separated" was a terrible idea for a blog post title.

David will be leaving on a business trip later this week. Kallie is going to Tallahassee with David's mom for a baby shower. She's coming back home with Kallie's mom, who will stay with us for a few days. We hate being apart, but at least we'll both be very busy and it'll go by quickly.

We drove to Gainesville last Friday night, parked at Ben and Amanda's apartment, then walked to the BCM (David didn't think Kallie could handle all the walking, but she's tuff.) It was homecoming weekend, so the BCM was doing their usual "Later Growl" activities. We saw friends who have also been gone for a couple of years. It was lovely. David got to play boggy pong and get BCM feet. Sorry if you have no idea what that means. We walked back to B&A's apartment with them sometime after midnight, when Kallie couldn't take it any more, hah. We were in bed around 2am. That's impressive.

Then up again for the pharmacy school BBQ, where we met up with David's dad and Louise. Great food, as always. It was overcast and chilly, which was wonderful. Climbing the ramps at the stadium did prove to be a task for the preggers lady, but she made it - slowly. The game was fun. We balled. Then we went back the the BCM for free ice cream. Yum. Then to see some of David's high school friends, Kyle (and his gf, Nicole) and KB, at KB's little brother's house. They have a massive 9 month old American Bulldog. Ridiculous. We had a nice time and then headed to Katie's lovely home. She made us dinner and we had a fantastic time hanging out. Ben and Amanda joined us. Katie's place always feels like a second home. Love being there. We headed home that evening.

Sunday was too gorgeous to waste inside, so we drove to Hyde Park and walked around and enjoyed ourselves. We also bought some great knobs (in green, on sale) for Tova's changing table. Love them.

Kallie drove to Winter Park yesterday for a photo shoot of the lovely Vann family. She took portraits of Louise when she was just getting started about a year and a half ago. Louise has grown up so much - she's so beautiful! - and now has a little brother to share the spotlight. They had a great time visiting and catching up. And the photos are so cute! You'll get a teaser soon.

Now to work.

Love, d&k.

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