Thursday, October 30, 2008

Single digit weeks.

Kallie had a normal checkup with her doctor yesterday. She went just two weeks ago and will continue going every two weeks until it speeds up to every week in a while. Can you believe she's already 30 weeks along!? Crazy! That means about 9 weeks left. We're getting super excited and want to meet our little girl!
The appointment went really well. Kallie gained THREE pounds in two weeks, but she's blaming it on wearing shoes (she normally just wears flip flops, which she easily slips off for the scale) and her sweater. It was cold! Her blood pressure is still fantastic - it hasn't really changed the whole time. No swollen ankles. Tova is the perfect size. A super strong heart beat. The doctor even felt around Kallie's belly to see if he could tell which position Tova was floating: head down. Kallie got to feel where her head was! It was sweet. And Dr. Mammel said that I passed the GTT with flying colors. So no worries at all! We are ridiculously blessed. God is good.

When David got home from work, we headed to vote early. We waited for 45 minutes to cast our ballot. It's all done now. Well, not the next four years...I'll be glad when those are done.

David leaves for Miami this afternoon. :( Kallie will clean house tonight.

We are loving this cold weather! It's fantastic!

love, d&k.

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